Nama to offer risk-free property purchase

Will this work or just more smoke???

Nama is to lure people into the property market by ring-fencing them against any future fall in house prices.

Lots more below … 86594.html

Risk free? Is Donie fucking Cassidy working for the Examiner now?

Down newspaper, down newspaper, sit still newspaper. Who’s a good little newspaper?

This doesn’t do anything to support the market.
It simply means the taxpayer will be writing-off 20% from a hell of a lot of mortgages in 5 years time. XX

Here’s another ‘scheme’ I hatched to re-ignite the property market - let prices fucking fall to their equilibrium level !!!

Really bad news for sellers outside NAMA. Risk-free purchases? They can’t compete with that. Guess they’ll have to drop prices further.

Still, I’m sure the smart guys at NAMA will have considered that unintended consequence. :unamused: