Nama to release 2,000 vacant properties for social housing

It’s difficult to know how “that type” would actually cope with living in such an isolated place, who knows, they might end up climbing the walls and running back to the city.

It might not necessarily isolated… some of NAMA properties are on the GREEN luas line… … -18/249893

It’s a disgrace… If they go to auction it means the people who have saved and worked for what they buy have the chance to get some value…


On the plus side the estate is finished and fully occupied.

On the downside the preteen residents of the social housing (all located in one block by some bright spark) have graffittied several walls.


Fucking hell, this nightmare of a country is making me drift between ruthless Nazi one minute to the bleeding-est bleeding heart the next.

Lynch those wankers! But bail out these poor unfortunates. Eat the rich! Fuck the poor! I love immigrants! I hate immigrants! PS spongers! God bless our angel nurses!

It’s all very tiring.

On this particular issue, erm…I think I’m a Nazi. But I can’t be at all sure about that. Everyone needs a place to live, right?

Haha. Head wrecker.

Everyone needs a place to live totally correct - but the people who work their asses off and pay taxes etc etc and buy houses should not have someone living beside them for free and not having to work a day in their lives!

It’ll be free cars and holidays next… just watch!

I sympathise with Larry.

People need somewhere to live and certainly it’s nonsensical and morally wrong to have people homeless while we have the world’s greatest supply of empty housing.

On the other hand, there’s always the feeling that the working person is being screwed. Again, and again.

A friend of mine went to rent a house the other day, there’s a queue of people to see it, and the landlord will get to choose who he likes best to live in his house. Working people who are keeping the whole Ireland Inc. show on the road, and are being subjected to tax increases each year, are paying out good money to live in rented accommodation. If there’s relief coming, let them be first in line.

That NAMA is keeping empty apartments in South Dublin is a disgrace.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Everyone understands that the state has to provide for the unemployed.
The problem occurs when the difference in the standard of living between those who work and those who don’t work (whether by accident or intent) is so close that the incentive to work vanishes.

You have the current crazy scenario with rent allowance, whereby those who don’t work can ‘afford’ better accomodation than many who do.

It’s also the abuse of the system which compounds peoples anger.
‘Single’ mothers getting almost €1000 a month for accomodation is being abused on a monumental scale.
It’s gotten to the stage where people no longer lie about the scam.
Most ‘single’ mums I deal with are very open to me about the father moving in. There’s no point in hiding when ‘everyone’ is doing it.

And all along the way, it’s the taxpayer who is forced to stump up for the cost.

NAMA is the extension nay the manifestation of the metrics of control. NAMA was always going to be a scourge on this earth.

Bring down NAMA you have to bring down everything. It is an all or nothing scenario.

Report them… the more that get caught the less likely people are to scam the system! … Fraud.aspx

My next question and am on powerful antibiotics so probably not thinking straight. We move in Mick and Mary into the Belleview towers. Where they reside and are very good tenants the management company fees are €1k do Mick and Mary pay these, do social welfare pay them, because Pat and Joan who bought in 2009 have to pay them !!!

Mick and Mary won’t pay sweet F**K all…

Taxes = NOPE
Rent = NOPE
Doctor = Naaa
Medicines = NO

They’ll prob just charge Pat and Joan €2k instead!
If I can’t afford to move out then I live with family and friends… they come from somwhere… so if they can’t afford to move out how come they get to???

Ireland = BACKWARDS!

A married couple with two kids in Ireland, drawing all benefits possible and max rent allowance, will have a tax free income in excess of €30,000. That’s standard, and excluding child benefit which is available to all. The extreme cases of 50, 60k per year and more exist too - an income equivalent to almost €40,000 is just what’s doled out as standard

Those same two people working 50 weeks a year 39 hours a week on minimum wage would be financially better off to stop working and claim benefit. That’s just wrong.