NAMA, Wallace & the Robinsons

No one is willing to pay for investigative journalism any more, what do you expect.

Agreed. In addition to nobody wanting to pay for it, nobody wants to read investigative financial journalism anyway.

It’s far easier to pad out articles using “billions” in bold and peppering it with “tax haven” and “bung”, and “alleged”. Take the recent O’Brien controversy, how many articles did you read which questioned the statements made by Doherty & Murphy which seemed to contradict each other? None most likely. How many of those same articles made irrelevant references to his private jet or his tax domiciliary status (while interesting to some, it is just filler and irrelevant to the underlying issue). Look at Cleary’s closing, why did the SBP article refer to Foley’s porsche car? The same article sought to imply Foley had been bailed out by Nama yet didn’t provide any evidence. We’re in an age of churnalism where if everything must be simple, controversial and fit into a 140 character tweet.

How can anyone provide evidence for Foley’s possible bailout ? NAMA won’t release it (Happily for all concerned)
Fact is her fund bought leveraged property assets at the height of the boom… and yet she’s still driving a porsche.

Is anyone really still defending The Denis? (other than those who work for radio stations he owns) Really? Even after the Moriarty Tribunal? I mean you did read the references to him in that didn’t you?

He is the “underlying issue”

Gavin Sheridan tweeting that Mary Loo claims Frank Cushnahan was a NAMA debtor.

I like Wallace and agree with what he is trying to do.

The Bluster of Daly is shocking … -1.2286166

More from Wallace. Why would anybody be surprised? I thought cosiness between NAMA and it’s debtors was the job spec!

There’s a metre-wide trail of saliva running all the way from Blackhall Place to the Four Courts.

they want to be careful about that, if someone slips on it they might sue ! :nin

You have to give Enda Kenny credit. He has literally no ounce of self awareness. And that’s an achievement … g-inquiry/

Meanwhile no one in NAMA will go and talk to the North’s committee on the Cerberus deal :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Fine Gael are so f**ked at the next election :laughing:

I think the water issue will seriously hurt them.
With over 50% still unregistered, it’s just not going away.
The protests continue.
There’s an ongoing gamble - don’t pay for water and see if the new government next year scraps it altogether.

Kenny is, and always has been, FG’s greatest liability.
One assumes he wants to be the first ever FG leader to be re-elected into office, so there’s no intention to vacate the position.

However, the electorate doesn’t vote ***for ***FG.
They vote ***against ***other parties.
In 2011 they voted against FF.
FG was the main beneficiary of this protest, but unfortunately it delivered a FF-clone government when people wanted something different.
The water issue just drilled this home.

It’s an interesting exercise to decipher where people are going to switch their allegiances.
It’s not drifting back to FF in any number.
Undoubtedly, Sf will gain seats from it.
I reckon every politician knows there’s an enormous free-floating block out there - hence the flurry of new partys emerging.

If independents obtain the highest percentage of votes (as indicated by polls) it’s an absolute damning indictment on the health of Irish political parties.

No discussion of this here? This forum has become a fucking joke. Too many cossetted eejits who can’t see what’s happening around them. Fuck that.

I think Iris needs to have another affair…

Not discussing it doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring it. I read Namawinelake’s and Elaine Byrne’s almost daily updates on this case on Twitter with interest, and I’ve also made a point of reading the articles the SBP has done on it, but I just haven’t been inspired to post about it.

Has anything of interest happened on this?

In July Mick Wallace was to bring forward damning evidence (any evidence would be a start) proving the Coulter/Cushnahan money was payable to politicians. This hasn’t happened, he wouldn’t show up to the NI inquiry either.
The NI Nama inquiry to date has provided nothing of interest - the most “interesting” hearing was Gareth Graham (a bookie who couldn’t repay his property loans) who made a raft of accusations about Cushnahan but they all related to a period prior to Nama being established when Cushnahan was working in his office. He has loads of evidence (tapes of telephone conversations) but wouldn’t actually say what that “evidence” was.
Then there was numerous references to Borrowers being treated unfairly i.e. they didn’t get the Debtors Charter they wanted - i.e. release of all PGs, light touch treatment of defaulted Borrowers.
Elaine Byrne continues to harp on about calling the FBI. Good for her, but that hasn’t resulted in anything.

DoJ probes £1.2bn Irish ‘bad bank’ property deal - via @FT

At the inquiry Jamie Bryson has just alleged that Peter Robinson was to benefit from fixer fees in Nama deal. Mr Robinson had previously denied he was to benefit.

Explains his desperate attempt to collapse the Assembly and his bizarre ‘health problems’.

Mick Wallace has been fully vindicated for speaking out, but the silence from the Irish Government is deafening. What did they know about it?

This is going to be very interesting!!!

Robinson should have listened to another unionist …

All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.

  • Enoch Powell

According to RTE news, the DUP didn’t want Bryson’s evidence aired in public but the SDLP and SF swung it. Of course, this is not entirely unreasonable given that Bryson is just a blogger who hasn’t revealed his sources, but you do have to wonder how DUP grandstanding about alleged IRA activities could have been a convenient smokescreen for Robinson’s involvement in the NAMA/Cerberus arrangement.