NAMA, Wallace & the Robinsons


Coles you could of course post something insightful that stimulates discussion. Or not.


Has anything of interest happened on this?

In July Mick Wallace was to bring forward damning evidence (any evidence would be a start) proving the Coulter/Cushnahan money was payable to politicians. This hasn’t happened, he wouldn’t show up to the NI inquiry either.
The NI Nama inquiry to date has provided nothing of interest - the most “interesting” hearing was Gareth Graham (a bookie who couldn’t repay his property loans) who made a raft of accusations about Cushnahan but they all related to a period prior to Nama being established when Cushnahan was working in his office. He has loads of evidence (tapes of telephone conversations) but wouldn’t actually say what that “evidence” was.
Then there was numerous references to Borrowers being treated unfairly i.e. they didn’t get the Debtors Charter they wanted - i.e. release of all PGs, light touch treatment of defaulted Borrowers.
Elaine Byrne continues to harp on about calling the FBI. Good for her, but that hasn’t resulted in anything.


DoJ probes £1.2bn Irish ‘bad bank’ property deal - via @FT


At the inquiry Jamie Bryson has just alleged that Peter Robinson was to benefit from fixer fees in Nama deal. Mr Robinson had previously denied he was to benefit.

Explains his desperate attempt to collapse the Assembly and his bizarre ‘health problems’.

Mick Wallace has been fully vindicated for speaking out, but the silence from the Irish Government is deafening. What did they know about it?


This is going to be very interesting!!!


Robinson should have listened to another unionist …

All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.

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According to RTE news, the DUP didn’t want Bryson’s evidence aired in public but the SDLP and SF swung it. Of course, this is not entirely unreasonable given that Bryson is just a blogger who hasn’t revealed his sources, but you do have to wonder how DUP grandstanding about alleged IRA activities could have been a convenient smokescreen for Robinson’s involvement in the NAMA/Cerberus arrangement.


Michael Noonan and Fine Gael have screwed the Irish taxpayers.


Thanks god for Wallace, who of course fucked the Irish taxpayers.


That’s a fairly disgusting line of attack? He has done more for this country than any of those that oppose him.

When the construction industry was collapsing Mick Wallace made a choice to pay subcontractors and to try to finish off work to attempt to stay afloat. For hundreds of tradesmen and their families this was the correct thing to do. Businesses make this choice every single day when they run into difficulties and the courts are there to resolve the situation as required. He did not make these decisions for his own gain.

But you know this already. Mick Wallace has faced up to the consequences of his decisions and he pays a significant amount from his earnings every week to redress it.

You’re really sloshing around in the sewer with that comment.


Mick Wallace is no more than a lying thief who has reinvented himself as a champion of those who feel they are entitled to other people’s money. He has consistently sought to retain his assets while not paying his debts. He defrauded the tax payer of VAT he collected but did not remit and has not paid this back. He stole pension payments he collected from his workers. He does not pay his own debts but threatens those who do not pay him.

He has not faced-up to the consequences of his actions.

You [mod edit - don’t seem to understand that Wallace is a fucking tosser. Driving around in his s class while not paying over pension contributions deducted from his staff. And the fucking football shit he claims as his, all company payments. And then he fucks his employees and talks about his love of football. Life’s short. Work hard, play hard.]

Mick Wallace fined €7k over pension payments … 91291.html

Mick Wallace off the hook after €1.4m tax dodge … 96789.html

Wallace threatened to use hitman to collect debt

What About The Vineyard Mr Wallace? … -1.1069878

Mick Wallace: high debt and low standards in public office … 0-Apr2011/

TD Wallace admits debts remain at around €40 million


Sorry Coles but you’re defending someone who defrauded the taxpayer. I have no time for that sort of thing.

Have you ever had business dealing with him out of curiosity?


I do have some sympathy (if that’s the right word) for Wallace. A person isn’t wholly bad or good.

His restaurants are great (I don’t know how much he’s responsible for that) and he is very popular in Wexford where I think he supports local youth sport.

None of which excuses anything.


Agree. And we should of course be grateful for what he’s been revealing. But let’s not forget what he’s done. Certain people are trying to resurrect his image as a “champion of the taxpayer”.

Edit: this thread makes me wonder if Wallace is planning to change parties.


Nothing like mentioning Mick Wallace to flush out the Blueshirts. They’d rather attack him than look at one of the most extraordinary scandals in the history of the State. And there certainly have been a few.

Mick Wallace was managing a business that had the rug pulled out from under it by the largest property crash in the history of the planet. Sure, he made bad decisions by thinking he could trade through the credit crunch, but I reckon less than 5% of construction companies at the time managed to honour all their debts and paid all their taxes without recourse to bankruptcy.


LOL @ “credit crunch”


Sure, but it’s worth remembering that at the time that was the misconception that every bank, developer and FF/FG politician was labouring under. Wallace was no different and thought that he could trade out of it.

Anyway, it says so much about what this forum has become that the only discussion of this scandal is to attack Mick Wallace. It’s a real shame.


By not paying his VAT.

So did you ever do business with him?


Oh for fuck sake.