Nama will make or break a lot of precarious folk.

If NAMA fails to install some sort of property floor then its led balloon time not only for commercial fields but also residential fields . This government believes that we need to get competitive again. This means making everything cheap so as people on reduced incomes can afford to consume. From the chips in your chipper to the gaffs in our fields anything this government can earn a tax from will become cheaper so it sells more readily and frequently.
The chief financial advisor to Mr lenihan (Dr Alan Ahearne) has been advocating this since his days as a Sunday Indo columist. Sorry to break this to a few of you but he strongly believes that property ‘must’ fall to between 50%-70% from peak to trough if this island is to even reach the stability of bottom. It is now government policy, albeit quitely, to turn Ireland back in time to cost levels circa 2000.

Got a source or inside track here, or is this just speculation?

SO NAMA is counter to this policy is what you are saying?

Dr AA is mad for competitiveness alright so I guess he might be banging his head against walls but he too is part of the NAMAram squad so I can’t fully reconcile your above statment. I mean it make perfect sense if I remove the first and last lines. like this see…


I don’t understand your posting …If NAMA fails, the economy fails? A painful crash is going to happen…This is certain…It is a truth…Everyone agrees but how does the success of NAMA fit into the inevitability of what many savvy have been predicting since 2006?

NAMA may make a few people… but they wont be precarious… they will be the ones with a million (or more) in spare cash who can pick the stuff up at current market value after the crash and NAMA/Ireland is on our knees

NAMA break anyone? Yes, those who have no direct dealings with it and so will be paying for it…

The depression will make and break people, NAMA is the governments way to pick those people.

Those people were picked a long time ago, NAM is just the delivery van.