NAMA 'will not hoard assets'

Hot off the press -

Does this not go against everything which NAMA was set-up to do…I was sure that they were paying over the odds because we were going to hold them till they were worth something again???

Nah, you’re forgetting our chasing the developers to the ends of the earth for their loan obligations… Oh yeah, right…

Are you joking sure wont they be seeling them back to the FF “in” crowd when we have paid for them. You dont expect the taxpayer to get a return do you? In this country it’ll never happen.

Probably the most important piece of news for anyone contemplating a purchase in the short to medium term.
In total agreement with Cuchullainn, the sham regarding ‘Long Term Economic Value’ has been uncovered.
Will be interesting (ok … sickening) to watch politicians and VIs refuse to acknowledge this reality, even after it is exposed.

This was specified by Nama last week in the new business plan. Old news.

The old new business plan?

This is like a Marx Bros pic…

Not forgetting the Sanity Clause

Anyone know if/when NAMA will start selling assets? Has this started already?

We are not allowed to know when
We are not allowed to know what
We are not allowed to know who to
We are not allowed to know how much

“Commercial reasons” apparently. It’s just our money after all…

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