Just seen this :nin


They talk about how to send them confidential documents. Wouldn’t that be illegal under the NAMA act?


I assume he’ll be leaking evidence of malfeasance on the part of NAMA debtors in addition to the stuff that serves his own agenda?


And how does one not get sued under defamation laws?


Parliamentary privilege.


Wallace’s association with this would not give me much confidence if I was a potential whistleblower, both for the security/anonymity and for the potential agendas being advanced via this route. I’m sure he’s a decent guy but he’s well and truly compromised.


I’d imagine there are jokers and schemers lining up to feed it rubbish in order to discredit it and just for the craic

I wouldn’t trust Wallace or his sidekick to sort the wheat from the chaff


I neither trust nor distrust Wallace’s motivations, but his disruptive contributions to Irish politics have been net positive IMO.

Secrecy begets corruption.


He was on The Last Word yesterday.

He’s working on this with IT guys who work with Ed Snowden. Loads of advice on the website about how to upload info/make contact without being discovered.
He also said he’ll be careful in what he brings to public attention i.e. he’ll check it all thoroughly first. He reckoned only 10% of the scandal he has on NAMA has made it to the floor of the Dail, thats how careful he is!


At a glance the technology advice looks sound. Nothing you couldn’t get from Googling or Wikileaks mind you.


Is this a screen so that he can release information he already has and plausibly deny that he knows the source?


Interesting idea.