Nama's free-market interference benefits only its bal. sheet

Nama’s free-market interference benefits only its balance sheet - James Fitzsimons → … 73029.html

At last, a piece it’s possible not to be cynical about. Well done to James Fitzsimons.

What is disturbing is how few people seem to be even *thinking *along these lines, never mind actually moving things in this direction.

I call Bullshit to a change of management. Whatever you do do not legitimize the beast that is the secret dominion know as NAMAland by appointing a new governor ffs.

There was no FREE market before NAMA, facto one.

Facto two, NAMA was created to make sure there would never be a FREE market with imminent collapse of the Openly FIXED market which needed to be protect or at least protect the players form its inevitable implosion. Terms such free market are used to distract you from the other hand as your loss becomes some one else gain.

NAMA should not exist End of Story. It’s very existence usurps the sovereignty of the people who sail in this ship of state.