NAMA's own Landlord, Treasury Holdings - what's going on?

I’m reposting a thread I started on - hope that’s ok, but I think it’s worth discussing-

This seems very odd to me - I was searching for an address for NAMA, assuming that it would be housed in some government building or other.

The address that comes up for them and the NTMA is "Treasury Building, Grand Canal St Dublin 2.

But Treasury Building isn’t a Government Building. It’s a commercial one, owned by “Treasury Holdings”, a property speculation company that went unlimited in 2004.

Just to remind what else (and who else) they’re involved in

Could the NTMA’s own landlord be a major beneficiary of NAMA? In effect, seeing debts owed by Treasury Holdings being transferred from the banks to their own tenant? Bizzare surely?

Someone, reassure me I’m getting this wrong - 8DD please!! … -nama.html