First up, Mr. Peter Mathews

Blue Horseshoe

Couldn’t you have posted a few interruptions from prime time presenters at key moments in his explanations

I’ve thought about doing that but don’t have access or tome to trawl through all the footage :open_mouth:

Or, you could play a game yourself at home … just as the clip comes to a point, hit the pause button and in a faux American accent politely, but firmly say “we have to move on” and at the end a courteous “Miriam …” :wink:

Blue Horseshoe

Peter Mathews was on the Late “Debate” on Radio 1 last night.

Got sneered at by Rachael English on the show for using facts and figures (which the listeners wouldn’t follow :unamused:) and he had to deal with an incredulous FF dolt, Thomas Byrne, and that political “analyst” (Sean ?? - Nothern sounding guy) who is a total FF lackey.

Link? … debate.mp3 … adio1.smil