Naming Houses

OMG,just…OMG … -5/1920632

The ‘n’ must be a typo.

…and maybe the ‘r’ and ‘i’ too.

When I get my mansion I’m going to call it ‘Witsend’.

This is the best ever. A house called Garnish advertised as being in Killester but it is actually located on the runway at Dublin Airport, if you click into the myhome map anyway.

Im going to be the proud owner of ‘The Pin’, 1 Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge

Possibly named after the island?

Or do you mean Witzend? :slight_smile:

(All kinds of reasons why that might be a very useful choice!)

Is there any officialness to naming a house? Do you have to apply to An Post or something?

Znugyddub house, inspired by Mrs. Nivek Fitzpatrick.

Its probably one of the last remaining freedoms that doesn’t cost you anything…

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…or the owner might be a chef!

When I was a kid I used to think you had to call your house one of the names on the example signs they had in hardware stores!

I have a name I’d love to call my next house. But frankly unless it’s large, detached and on it’s own grounds I think names should be left for boats.

Needs a bit of history or architectural merit to avoid looking twattish.

Those one is modern but interesting enough IMHO

I have the same hatred of office buildings called after their occupiers e.g. Tesco House
Calling it the Tesco Building is fine but otherwise it should reference something worth referencing e.g. Marconi House

Yer just a young whippersnaper.

Can anyone suggest a really outrageous name for MY new house?
(Disclaimer: I won’t necessarily use it…)

something original like ‘Dunroamin’…

How about The Colosseum…put up a few faux Roman arches about the place…and walk about the garden in a toga

Casa Del Bottom Picker

I once saw a house called ‘Beware of the guard dog’.

There’s a mews house down a laneway in Rathmines called Lacken View, that one always made me snicker.

our house has a name (had one when we bought it) - I’m always tempted to change it to something like 34a…