Naomh Mhuire Lane Old Ballycullen Rd, Knocklyon (-345k,-50%)

"Unique spacious four bedroom detached dormer style family residence, in excellent condition throughout, in small gated development just off Old Ballycullen Road, with lounge, open plan kitchen/dining area/family room & utility room. "

Was 695k …

Now 570k … 16/1259414
€316/sq foot

Absurd. Absurd. Absurd.

570K? It’s one of two houses cramped into what was a back garden. You have no front garden to speak of, and in fact anything that could be classed as a front garden is basically an access route for the other house. Tiny back garden, and surrounded closely on all sides.

I also reckon that that side of the Ballycullen Road isn’t actually Knocklyon at all, but Ballycullen/Firhouse Dublin 24, not Dublin 16.

For 570K in that part of Dublin 24 I’d be expecting something unbelievably spectacular. … 206&t=h&z=

Well technically it is Knocklyon, in fact one side of ballycullen rd is Knocklyon and one side is Fir House, d 24 (what’s that about?). But I know where you’re coming from, it really is more Fir House than Knocklyon and the traffic just to get to the m50 is appalling.

I don’t know about something spectacular though, we’re looking for a detached house, over 2000sq (well distributed) feet with a decent garden in d14/16/18 and we have not been able to find anything remotely decent for a long time despite having the guts of 700k to blow on it. I am beginning to loose hope to be honest, a lot less than spectacular is going to have to do at some stage.

An Post have it as Dublin 16(but NOT Knocklyon), however I believe that to be a mistake as it’s on the wrong side of the Old Ballycullen Road to be D16 -and it definitely isn’t Knocklyon regardless.

Seems to be finished to a very high standard, horrible location, no back garden and no front garden. Overpriced by at least 200k if not more.

I drove by this today. Indeed it is in the wrong side of Ballycullen and it is definitely d24. It is up a laneway and as already said no front garden to speak off. Definitely 370max and at that, you could get this: … -24/280345

for 370k I bet and it would b a much better deal.

Different EA and now listed at €455k … on/1491769

That is still an utterly nuts price and in no way achievable.

Denial all round.

Now 395K … on/1491769

Now 350k … 16/1491769

Have new pictures been added? I don’t remember the interior being so nice. With what seems a fairly high quality fit out, this must surely be not too far above build price a few years back(excluding site costs obviously)?

Still no value in it really, the vendors are stuck being one of the nicest houses in a not so great area, and buyers (generally) tend to prefer to buy the cheapest house in the best area they can afford in my limited experience.

Sale agreed … 16/1491769