National Alliance: Tomorrow Belongs to Them

It seems that Marc Coleman (I know we’re a fan of him around here), David Quinn (ultra-Pope defender) and John McGuirk (latter-day Libertas bloke - the guy who memorably referred to their candidate Caroline Simons as a “psychotic bitch”) have decided to set up a new pseudo-party:

Seems to be a sort of Irish attempt at a tea party - a mix of hard-right economics and ultra-Catholicism (one aim is keep de wimmin at home makin’ the soda bread).

Marc is already over on defending this all. Oh, and there’s also a open FIanna Failer in the bunch, Christpher O’Toole (who he?) It says something that McGuirk is probably the most credible of the bunch.


Oohhh No.

What was it that Morgan Kelly was warning about a couple of weeks ago ?

Hmm, a far right ultra-catholic party going by the name of National Social… sorry, Alliance party. I wonder will they use some sort of bent cross as their party symbol? I’m beginning to think Morgan Kelly is some sort of time traveller from the future warning us about what is to come. :wink:

Actually, it looks like they cross-bred the Easter Lily with the Tory torch:

How many think-tanks is Quinn now a part of? How does one get money to fund think-tanks, anyway?


I would have thought that the words ‘David Quinn’ would be all most sentient beings would require here to put a stop to this nonsense. I doubt anybody’s entrusting their future to an Irish Catholic columnist…

Why does “National Alliance” remind me of “National Front” and other such movements?

Although, maybe if they combined this with a pitchfork…

How come Sen. Ronan Mullins hasn’t joined? Surely we can’t have an ‘Independent FF’ sort of episode this soon…can we??

Are you’re sort of twisting their manifesto a little I’d say to suit your prejudices?

Is this where you’re getting the soda bread jibe?

Admittedly, they’re probably loons. They have no hope of actually getting a lot of people to vote for them. But in a PR system (which they probably dislike) that doesn’t matter and they have the possibility like the Greens, PDs and Democratic Left of being a bunch of cranks who get into power through coalition.

Jesus, who proofread their economic plan document?

It is absolutely riddled with spelling and punctuation errors. If I received a CV from a prospective job applicant with the same evidence of lack of attention to detail, it would go in the bin straight away, regardless of the content - it really shows an appalling lack of preparation and pride in what you do

Can you save your copy Robert, they seem to have proofread it this afternoon and we will need evidence :slight_smile:

Well, if they did proofread it they still missed the “dependent -v- dependant” and “its -v- it’s” distinctions.

There are random full-stops in bullet-point lists.

€12bn is written “€12n” - I assume Marc will not be criticising Lenny’s “three-figure sum” phraseology from earlier.

Oh, and the link to their Facebook site informs you that that’s where the “lastest” news can be found.

I understand that once an idea is communicated effectively and the meaning is understandable, then small typos shouldn’t matter, but I would be absolutely mortified if a document left my office looking like that. When something is being presented as an official document, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect some minimum standards.

(Is it possible to include an attachment in a post? Sorry, don’t know how …)

You can upload at either of these sites and include the link in your post.

I knew I’d heard that name somewhere before: … _States%29

I wonder will they have an army? They’ll certainly need one.

Quite a nasty whiff of bigotry around here.

eh? What do you mean? People commenting on a few right wing,fundamentalist catholic nutjobs getting above their station?

What did you expect? David Quinn is a journalist.