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Great post from namawinelake… … er-agency/

namawinelake doesn’t heart the NCA… s/he better hope that FG can the NCA…

What to replace it with? And what to give teeth to its ability to make things happen?

Perhaps the ombudsman’s office?

The itsyourmoney website is a joke. This is one area where the volunteers on AAM excel.

I have had countless email interactions with the National Consumer Agency, pointing out mistakes on the NCA website, regarding deposit products. The number of mistakes they have made on their website is frightening.

In fairness to the NCA, they have made changes to deposit product listings very quickly after I have emailed them. They have also contacted banks, also after I have emailed them, and forced banks to change deposit T&C’s in their products. I have found them responsive to complaints, willing to take action but they fail to take initiative to prevent occurrence in the first place and they help facilitate banks hiding sneaky T&C’s that serve no purpose other than to trick consumers.

The problem with the cost comparisons is their lack of depth particularly in their term deposit listings, the frequency of error, the lack of highlighting clearly sneaky bank T&C’s and their strange illogical product display selection process.

Get Celia Larkin on the case? :slight_smile:

there are so many different permutations of deposit products it’s always going to be impossible.

To cite my own bank: Ulster Bank - they are so fecking shnakey it’s incredible - make a withdrawal - lose your ‘bonus’ interest; go under/over 15k same story.

Maybe they should focus on explaining the maths behind yield instead of being like or whatever; then again maybe people should have learned that back in primary school…

Or maybe they should prevent the shnakey conditions in the first place…


Just a few basic rules link the display of AER rates only and not gross rates would be a steps the NCA should be taking.