National Internship Scheme

National Internship Scheme - Good or Bad Idea?

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Supervalu … ERVIEW.HTM
Supervalu again and again and again … ERVIEW.HTM … ERVIEW.HTM

Supervalu have a fair few WPP jobs up on now how would their competition compete against someone with free staff?

Centra now in on it … ERVIEW.HTM


People genuinely looking for part time jobs or retail work are not going to find it. How will this do anything other than increase unemployment ? The state now paying for private AND public sector wages?

Since when did a job placement like this last nine months? I presume the workers retain their social welfare increment while with FAS - so it’s jobs for nothing for the employers. Scandalous.

More to the point - whatever you feel about work for welfare - those jobs are cheapening costs to the retail employers. The retail sector would otherwise have to look for other cost savings either in the form of rent or in the form of rates. The taxpayer is again subsidising landlords.

A further damage will be caused by the fact that no retailer can afford to not do this, once his competitors have started it.

Jesus Christ. Imagine the insecurity that creates amoung existing staff. Outrageous. This needs to be publicised.

It was the employers I was thinking of ym -the working for welfare is less of an issue in principle - no reason why people shouldn’t work for welfare, community employment schemes do that - for the community - not for private companies.

I agree entirely and meant to say it - there are plenty of ‘good’ work for welfare that could be done, particularly in the summer.

I would share that view, build infrastructure or whatever. Tackle the root causes of our unemployment. The simple fact of the matter is that this scheme will increase unemployment :imp:

Microsoft Ireland are taking 10 people on under the WPP1 scheme, what will this do for graduate programmes ?
I can see this spreading like wildfire in all sectors from Centra/supervalu/ecco shoes to the types of business like Microsoft and so on

I wonder will many on the dole volunteer for this, the National Spring Clean?

Reminds me of the scam in the Film Shawshak Redemption, where prisoners were sent out to work undercutting private enterprise. I suspect someone is pocketing a vast fortune out of this.

Separately but related. I applied for a job with a large multinational based in Cork, had 2 interviews with the Company staying overnight in the City for both at considerable cost. Heard nothing back. I rang 2 weeks after the 2nd interview, the company said the job had been pulled.
While looking for other jobs, I noticed that a job had been posted on FAS and the Spec matched word for word the job I was interviewed for.

At present 95% of the jobs listed on FAS that I am qualified to do, I am disqualified from applying bcos they are WPP for College Graduates. Amazing Country

Sorry to hear it, Pyramid5. In all my thoughts of what might happen, I never imagined that the government would deliberately undermine the most vulnerable in society in this particular way. They amaze me with their stupidity.

Don’t be so cynical, Coles. This is the government working closely with employers in the private sector to understand the needs of industry and…

…find alternative ways to screw the public :frowning:

I Know Dells Sales Operation recruited a load of people on WPP1 as well and moved business from the UK to here for the the new recruits



Fucking motherfuckers. This is just unbelievable, even for this sick country. … elines.pdf

Self Regulation, the tried and tested method for compliance and success. Even Dell brought in the work from UK after the recruits, so technically within the guidelines

Who said we couldn’t compete with low cost economies in the far east etc.

Here’s the IDA’s next slogan:

Relocate to Ireland and the state will provide you with free (to you) labour.

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The State subsidises the educaiton of the “workforce” for the private sector. Where is the problem?

This is socialism with a capital “C”.


it gets even better: