Navan Road, Dublin 7

Hi there. First post so please let me know if this is in right section!

Im thinking of buying a house in an area called Abbey Drive off the Navan Road and have a few questions about the area.

Is Dublin 7 Cabra or is there an area referred to as the “Navan Road”? All the estate agents call it Navan Road but I thought D7 was Cabra. Does anyone know what the area is like? The house is at the bottom of Abbey Drive but is there a quicker way to walk to the Navan Road than going the long way around and back up Kinvara Avenue?

One last question, is there also a quick way to get to Ashtoen train station, or again, would I have to walk the very long way round!

Thanks for any replies

It’s Cabra. But so what? Many nice parts around there.

I’d say on a bicycle you’ll be there in 5/10 mins max. Can’t take the Bus no?

The Navan road goes all teh way to… eh Navan :wink:
Well Navan Road usually mean anywhere between Cabra and Ashtown Roundabout in most people minds.
I lived on it for 2 years and have to say it a nice area but boring.
The bus routes aren’t bad.

Depending on exactly where you are the phoenix park is close but the traffic on the Navan road is godawful it never stops but if you are tucked away in a road far off it you won’t hear it I think.

Its not pleasant to walk up and down the Navan road it very noisy and it is one of the most difficult roads to cross. Dangerous too. I had a bus stop about 100 meters from my house but it was on the other side of the road and it was not unusual for me to miss buses because I couldn’t get across the fucking road the traffic was just to much.

These are some but not all of the main reasons I decided to leave.

I’d take my time looking if you can there are lots of interesting houses around Dublin 7 and I’d go for walks at the weekend if I was buying a house there to get an idea of whats available. There are some interesting house designs on one or two of the roads of Hanlons corner. A style of semi-d I’ve never seen in Ireland looks very internationalist in its aspirations.

There are many cul de sacs to chose from too. There is a railway line that divides the area the line that connect Hueston with Connolly via the phoenix park tunnel. Some favour one side over the other but I don’t know.

if I was looking I’d probably favor the phoneix park side of the Navan Road, some spots on Black horse are nice and if you live that side you will get quicker into town by car, 15 minutes because and this is like a big open secret traffic is restricted going down the black horse from off the navan road so you almost have it to yourself. The blackhorse is the worst road in dublin and ou will definitely do a few tyres like I did it in such a bad state but knowing my lick its probably been resurfaced since I left.

its also in and its prone to dangerous flooding around the hole in teh wall pub and also McCloskieys but its very fast to get into town if you live on that side.

Take a trip down the black horse and have a little look see as to what estates and roads connect to it.

There is a really very much older demographics in that area and I’d ay you might find a lot of do-er-ups the kind that has the average pinster decoration firewall on overdrive. There are many houses with spectacularly long backgardens and are well sized in terms of your semi-d.

Still the area is boring because ther is no central point to it.
For me I prefer some density to life and people to meet I personally hate fucking suburban living.

Hi Qwerty28,

AFAIK the only way to Abbey Drive is through Kinvara Avenue. There is no vehicular access to Ratoath Road. Used to traipse along the canal up to Ashtown and beyond as a young fella (by way of Ashington, Glendhu and Martin Savage), but not too sure how much of this access is now blocked off (place is a myriad of lanes and alleyways). Car wise coming from Kinvara Avenue, down Baggot Road onto Blackhorse you’d be sorted - most of the time. Bus routes are 122 (from Ashington) & 37-39 from Navan Road. I find it easier biking it down Blackhorse every morning (I work in D.2)

OW is right about occasional flooding on Blackhorse Avenue, but we’re at the bottom of the hill, and it affects very few homes.

Pinsters are correct about area being somewhat soulless(?), but I unfortunately think that is Dublin in a nutshell. Been living in Villa Park the last 27 years, and intend to buy in Kinvara early next year. Houses are good size, sound construction and have good size backgardens (soil is pretty damn good too!). There is also the added bonus of ‘The Park’.


Blackhorse avenue has a couple of hardcore knacker families who do nothing all day but drink in front of the house and abuse passers-by.

true about blackhorse ave, a friend of mine was seriously assaulted by a group of drunken minors at a bus stop one evening, they stuck a broken bottle into his face

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Lads back on topic please, the thread’s not about knackers and whatnot.

I would offer 4,000 euro, 3 sheets of 2m x 2m lead, a kilo of copper shavings and 6 cords of wood - no more no less…