Nearly 50% more houses for sale in Cork compared to Dublin?

From Daft
Currently there are 46% more houses/apartments for sale in Cork than in Dublin.
Dublin has 5 times the population of cork.

Republic of Ireland
Prices fell by -2% in the month of August.
The month of August saw 205 property increases, with an average price increase of €21,607, and 686 decreases with an average decrease of €22,160, bringing the national average price to €199,464

Waits for usual bull explanation of “we didn’t build enough in Dublin during the bubble”

Cork’s a big county. Ond the ground here, there is sweet jack all good stock coming on the market in the city suburbs

A simple analysis of actual sales YTD from the PPR broken out by month shows Dublin averaging 800 sales a month while Cork is at 260 sales a month, that’s all of county Dublin and all of county Cork.

If sales in Dublin are a multiple of that Cork on a monthly basis at the same time as there being a greater availability of stock in Cork, one would have to assume properties are taking much longer to sell on average in Cork. Supply is clearly greater in Dublin, you cannot have sales without supply.

Don’t confuse stock with supply.

County Dublin has nearly 2 and a half times the population of County Cork.
County Dublin has a little over 3000 properties and Co Cork 4700

Lot of areas in the Cork especially rural where people are looking for ridiculous money / dont actually want to sell, that 4700 could possibly be halved.