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We’re nearly there on the purchase. Our solicitor has contracts, the finance is agreed and the survey report is in. we’re FTBs. I have a few questions:

  1. the house has some stuff left in it. a few beds, the odd lamp, a small sofa and also some junk. nothing you’d design your house around but as FTB’s we could use it for a bit. we didn’t mention this as part of original offer :unamused: and only really considered it after a second viewing. Any advice on how to handle this. should we deal directly with EA, Vendor or through our solicitor? my thinking is to ask them to take it all or leave it all. i.e. we wont accept they take the good stuff and leave us with costs of disposing of their crap.

  2. survey report advised the vendor provide a Certificate of Compliance with Building & Planning Regulations for the attic conversion. I have requested this from the EA but in anticipation of the response, does anyone have an idea on cost of attaining one of these certs ourselves?

  3. The BER on the house is C1 which in an 1980’s house is probably quite good. I have requested the cert from the EA. Is there any way other than commissioning our own report of validating this information?

  1. You probably won’t get a cert of compliance after the fact, but you can get an opinion of compliance for €250 - €300. Surprised your solicitor hasn’t required this of the vendor.

  2. Your solicitor should have requested and obtained the BER cert and documentation as a matter of course. Otherwise anyone could just make up any old BER they liked.

If you know the cert number (usually listed on myhome ads etc) you can look it up here:

Make a low offer on what you want - if it’s surplus to the vendors requirements they’ll be glad to be shot of it. Or take it all or nothing.

I’m surprised your solicitor didn’t obtain one from the vendor. If the conversion requires planning and has none you can theoretically be required to remove it by the planners.

If your solicitor hasn’t got a formal BER cert and advisory note and is planning on exchanging contracts then I’d get another solicitor. Have they got an NPPR clearance cert? Have they got a clearance cert from Revenue LPT in the event the sales price you’ve agreed lands outside the LPT valuation put in by the current owner? If there is a difference then you’re liable for the difference all the way back to 2013 (the stamp duty paid will alert LPT to the sales price and the differential involved in LPT valuation)

A BER is a pretty useless document. It assumes all sorts (since the BER guy takes the word of the vendor as to any insulation he claims to have installed). It could be C1, it could be E. A house across the road from me was fully refurbished and was probably in the C’s. The BER assessor assumed it’s 1900’s construction meant no insulation (since it was a repo and he’s no access to the fact it’d been fully refurbished in 2002 or so) and gave it an E. You’re more likely to lose than gain on the reality of a BER.

Only way to check is to see can you access the insulation to view it’s type and thickness (remove a plug faceplate on a supposedly warmboarded wall, for instance). Check too if the advisory says there are no chimneys (if the house actually has them). Blocking a chimney will up a houses BER significantly - especially if there are a few of them. And the advisory will say there are no chimneys. Which is fine if you plan on leaving them blocked. But if you unblock them on moving in (only finding out they are blocked when you light your first fire and are smoked out of it :slight_smile:) you lower the BER back down.

On contents, definitely tell them all or nothing.

Oh and check the attic! :neutral_face:

…and under the patio.

very informative. thanks all.

You’re as far away from your house as you were the day before you saw it advertised. No planning & building regs = no attic “conversion”. The entire discussion is meaningless unless the paperwork supports the property as advertised. Certs should have been with the contracts. Get your solicitor to do his job.

Note that it is illegal for them to offer the house for sale without a BER cert, and your solicitor should require it prior to closing.

  1. We went via our solicitor on this. Initially they removed the “good” stuff and left some junk so we had to chase them to remove it all. The house is in Dublin and they were in Tipperary so they offered to order and pay for a skip which we agreed to, but the next time we went to the house they had already removed everything, guessing they just got a van as it wasn’t that much.

You don’t need planning permission for an Attic conversion provided there are no dormer windows & the velux windows are only to the rear (side or front velux require permission).

Doesn’t that depend on what you convert it into?