Neary and Hurley to be grilled

Neary and Hurley are scheduled to be grilled by the Oireachtas Committee on Finance and the Public Service on Wednesday morning on the bank guarantee and “the relationship between Financial Institutions and the regulatory and supervisory environment

Neary won’t be able to hide behind Jim Farrell this time. Expect fireworks :laughing:

Grilled me arse…

can i get a ticket?

dont forget that cork sucker was paid €260,000 per year plus expenses

Neary €260,000 pa

Go to your bathroom, look in the mirror, see the sucker?

The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Finance is meeting today.

Neary refused (not allowed?) to show up and defend himself and his shameful record.

More subversion of democracy and the true story happening here as he will have no further chance to appear.

Hurley is there after lunch.

Bring on the Hurley! He’s some 'splainin to do.

The Plot thickens …

Hurley’s out to lunch?

Hardly surprising at this stage …

The temerity of democratically elected public representives to seek to question a public servant about his conduct.

Just give me my €260k already.

Whomever presented on Neary’s behalf at the committee this morning said that he had discussed with Neary about not making an appearance.

This stinks even more…

Unbelievable. That’s the danger with creating these independent agencies, they end up believing they answer to nobody except the government of the day who appoints them.

Courts will catch up with him and a number of others in there, this will go all the way. :nin

Hey guys a little bit of decorum here for gods sake. Now at this point as far as I am aware this Neary fella already knows what hes gettin as a payoff so why the feck should he bother his arse goin in front of another committee? I mean its not like hes gonna get any extra is it? Or that there may be a moral level he might try to reach by apologiising and explaining himself with the truth absolutely no way at all. It in fact should be jailtime but our systems so corrupt we dont know who is more guilty of neglect of duty Neary or the politicians.

Shouldn’t that be, answerable to no-one, not even their paymasters?

or just plain

answerable to no-one

Neary is supposed to show up

maybe he is subject to the Cowan STFU order.

Neary was supposed to regulate the banks as well, so I guess he’s being consistent in his aproach to his responsibilities.

That seems much more likely in my opionion…

PN - “I’m not going to lie to the committee”
BC - “It’s probably best you don’t go at all then”
PN - “Fair enough, can I get a reference letter off you then?”

I was thinking of leaving it at the answerable to no one… but I’m sure PN is answerable to someone… and that someone probably ask him not to turn up today.
Your mistaken if you thought I was referring to the public as his paymasters you see :slight_smile:

From last week

Worth every penny, that man. Please collect a €520k lump sum and €170k pa (index linked) for the rest of your days. You do not have to pass Go, of course - we wouldn’t want to put you out.

our system has failed the people. It couldnt be more clear. We need change. More than just an election I fear. We probably need a new constitution and reform of many many many sections of public life.
I bet some of whats gone on may not even be against the law even if morally repulsive.

I can not get my head around how the dail went through its business yesterday. This business of ta and nil shouting. At least the main vote was electronic and transparent.