Neary resigns

Rubin is apparently about to resign from Citigroup, and I also hear rumours that Neary could resign from the Financial Facilitator, I mean, Regulator as early as tonight.

This goes in the basket of unsubstantiated rumours kids…

Well a little bit substantiated. Rubin, it seems, is gone. … lenews_wsj

As for Neary, there is a meeting going on tonight. I’ve heard it is a possibility he could go.

What about Alfredo Garcia???

Confirmed: Neary has “retired” as and from January 31. … nw_nav.asp

Some service etc.

A start.

About bloody time.

on the news he’s retiring.

Apparantly this investigation also referred to documents ‘going missing’??

On RTE now. Letters from Anglo-Irish going missing amongst the shenanigans being alleged. Undertaking given to “not to lose anymore letters”. Ah thats grand so.

Also RTE have stated that he retired as opposed to resigned. Presumably keeps all entitlements so. Off to the Algarve so Pat. Say hello to Seánie. Dunner will be over in a bit and sure Bertie might drop in from time to time. Nice one lads.

We’ll just hang on here and pay off your fucking debts.

Are the staff who didn’t tell him going to be sacked?

For those who missed it, his October train crash interview

Good work Gavin.
Thanks for the substantiation.

He didn’t do the substaniating. Neary did! :unamused:

I wonder what Neary is going to do with himself “goin faaward”?

Probably will end up on some Quango Board. Nice work if you can get it!


Neary claims he knew nuthing about it and neither did his staff :unamused:

So how did Brian find out ? :angry:

Well then, let me refine my statements:

Really excellent breaking news release.
Thank you for your dedication to getting us the information.
Good work Gavin.
Thanks for providing the substantion. Your link to the information was an excellent demonstration of the evidence and proof and reference that is the good example of the best characteristics of the contributions of those good persons who make claims here on the Pin.

Of course there are plenty of talkers here. (some I won’t even bother to mention :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: )
You talked. But you walked the walk as well. Well done.

I don’t even think he knows what a tracker mortgage is.