Neck like the Jockey's Proverbials

In one thread, am AAmer asks for advice on dropping the keys back on a Latvian property, while in another they ask how to buy a Spanish property in a fire sale:


nice find

"Many of our properties in Ireland, Latvia etc have gone down in price in the crisis doesn’t make us irresponsible. "

lets put this the other way, I’m sure the joker would be happy if he could only get back the amount he paid for a gaff even if it trebled in value.

I wonder why the joker thinks he can get a distressed sale of a desirable gaff in Espana. why didnt he do similar homework in latvia before?

In Latvia, it is a criminal offence of misappropriation (Section 179 of the Criminal Law) to take out a loan and not repay it, and people have been surrendered back to Latvia under the European Arrest Warrant system for this offence. It can be dealt with by a prison sentence, and Latvian prisons are not very nice places.

Doing something like that can result in a lot more than civil liability.

Then can also quite easily enforce a civil judgement through the Irish Courts.

I believe you :open_mouth:

Latvian prisons

I’m sure they’ve improved since the USSR collapsed

Yeah they’re probably down to Irish standard now. :open_mouth:

Oooh Er

However the Supreme Court have made a decision on an Article 179 Arrest warrant in the past which may complicate matters…or not !

Record No. 287 of 2007
The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
Ivans Desjatnikovs

Text here … p=2&id=731

Translation from Italian: Google Translate

sounds like they just neglected to provide appropriate documentation. that sounds like it shouldn’t be difficult to remedy

I take that to mean that the charge doesn’t ‘correspond’ to any law on our statute books.(?)

Ah but we are just about to allow jailing for debt …the ‘corresponding’ condition was what I thought it was too Coles as well as their failure to tick a box somewhere .

you may not approve of Oso’s attitude, but he has given us something worth reading as we shake our heads!

If he didnt exist, we would have to invent him!