Need a good lease template.

I’ve heard mention around these parts before of a lease template drawn up by a group of solicitor/BTL landlords in Dublin that is particularly good. Anybody got a copy of same or similar?

Try … -Agreement

Thanks for that, I’d be looking for a localised lease that is written for the Irish legal system though.

pm me your email address and I wil send you the one I have used in the past. I think it is quite good.

Try this one,it complies with 2004 Residential Tenancy Act 2004

Thanks for those guys. I’ll have a look. If anybody has the specific lease I mentioned I’d appreciate a copy. The other two localised versions might do the job though.

I’ve used the topfloor one (and even read it!). Seems good.

You get what you pay for…
If you want something bulletproof suited to your needs than a good solicitor will do it for €50-€100, and you get to blame them if it goes tits up.

Seems to be a lot more Landlords on the Pin than times gone by…whod a thunk it

Here is a site you might find useful then…