Need pitbull journalist: NAMA, McNamara, fire "death trap"




Neil Callanan would be a member of this parish.


Mick Clifford of the Examinet has reported on Longboat Quay.
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Surely the Irish Times property supplement would cover this in depth if they were alerted?


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Are the residents not entitled to know exactly why their apartments need to be accessed and what work is being undertaken? If it is another fire proofing issue I don’t think it will be a massive scoop - I know of one block in west dublin that had an issue and it barely made a ripple. No one is surprised anymore by the horrendous standards of apartments thrown up in Dublin. Obviously if I was a resident I would be torn between wanting it fixed and being compensated, and worrying if it became public the value of my property would plummet…

As an aside, who owns Elm park now? I live near by and have walked around a few times and apart from a couple of businesses and some apartments it looks very empty. The pool ( if it is a swimming pool??) has been a shell for years now


I think the apartments are mostly full and the offices mostly empty.


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NAMAwinelake was that force. Burnt out like the rest of us as Dipole has alluded to?

See here’s the thing. I just keep hearing things about NAMA which are plainly … “no rest at the shitfest”, if you follow my conjuring.


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What works then, contact them all at the same time (I got some PMs too), or just the best one?


They like exclusivity. It can help to make an ordered list and say “I’m sending this to you to see if you’re interested. If you are, let me know asap and I won’t contact other journalists”. Give the first guy a day or two then work your way down.


[quoteI cannot find any mention of this in the news to date. I believe the tech. term for this in the journalism field is a ‘scoop’.

There is approx. €1.8m of construction work underway at the residential apts at Elm Park, Donnybrook. Builders require internal (5 days) and balcony access to the tenants apts. Aside from the fit out of a project office on site & other logistics, all significant visible work seems to be fire-proofing related, in my opinion.

All mgt/letting agents comms to date has not explained the purpose of the work only the access required. The site manager has informally described the purpose of the work to tenants as being insulation. Individual construction workers have described the problem to various tenants as there being no fireproofing prior to the works, or apparently one used the term ‘death trap’.

Elm Park was a McNamara development, prior to being taken into receivership by NAMA. There is a fire safety crisis at another McNamara development this year.

Journalist/blogger recommendations or contact are welcome.]
Hi - be aware that if there is a likelihood that it is a fire risk you must inform your insurer , if I recall correctly

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The apartments at the rear are south facing and overlook Elm Park golf course.
There’s worse views out there.

One assumes NAMA is the main holder of the loans.

No idea how many apartments never sold, but I recall seeing few lights at night when passing.


Report it to the DCC Fire officer
If there is an immediate risk to life then all units would need to be de-tenanted immediately




TI previously posted that the large block at the front was at one time earmarked for the new NMH but the IDA wanted it for fictional FDI clients, so it remains vacant and a new NMH is being built next door in Vincents.




It originally had planning as a hotel.


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