Need to get mortgage before i lose job

Over the past month i have met two cpls who both were telling a story about how they needed to buy quick because at least one of the partners was about to lose their job, and they knew they wouldnt get a mortgage then XX

Has anyone else been hearing similar stories???

A while to go yet

Ah yes, the arsehole Burgess strikes again !

This was one of his gems of wisdom as little as a year ago; how if we were afraid of losing our jobs we should get a mortgage now, cause the moratorium of foreclosures would protect us while we went looking for work .

Fuckwit ! XX

Surely that is the sensible thing to do… buy with both salaries and then moan about wanting a NAMA beag :slight_smile:

What a fantastic idea.

Hari Kari anyone?

Is is any wonder they they are losing their jobs?

Well in their defence there is as yet little evidence that taking on a mortgage you can’t afford will lead to negative consequences.

I know what you mean Sharper but I know people who are in a mobility trap that they would rather not be in.

Only yesterday someone was telling me how they were lucky they got their mortgage before he went down to three day week, he’s in a construction related job. He was trying to shrug off the being constantly broke aspect and now down to two days a week. I said maybe he might try getting a job in Britain and maybe consider investigating personal bankruptcy options there. It was like a light bulb had switched on in his eyes. He had never even known there was a possibility.


As long as they don’t get the mortgage with Start Mortgages or that horrid ACC crowd

I’m telling you, this country needs to change it’s anthem…

If you’re about to loose your job, why oh why would you shackle yourself with a mortgage, if you are debt free and mobile you can move where the jobs are in a relatively time period with minimum hassle. If they did get the mortgage, then he is probably going to end up blowing his redundancy on maintaining the payments. Maybe it could work out for them if he is confident of getting work in the location of the house before the money runs out.

They don’t give a toss about mobility. This is Ireland, they can get their house, stay here, pick up welfare payments and then moan to their TD/Joe Duffy about how someone should help them stay in the house they could never afford.


That reminds me, I have heard nothing about Jason and Karen Moody in all of 2010, can someone bring me up to date ???

I’m using Hotel California as the Irish national anthem;

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
“relax,” said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

Good choice alright. I’ve added some animation to the piece.

There are some apposite lines in Hotel California alright, I believe it was part of the CD we were putting together for the Greatest Hits of the Bubble…

Is there a thread on that TUG, there must a double cd at this stage.

I wonder if the closing track will be “burning down the house”.

Absolute insanity XX

Nah, I think we’ve just talked about in passing… Still, if Tom Dunne can get away with it, why not…

They’ll be the ones laughing when debt forgiveness comes in…

If debt forgiveness were to come in, I think there should be a slightly MABS approach of “you knew what you were doing, why should we help you” for those who gamble in this way.

If you sign up to a huge mortgage NOW on the assumption that you won’t need to worry about it cos the other saps will pay it off or forgive it,you shouldn’t be entitled to support.

If that makes any sense.

I’ve heard that comment about buy before you get made redundant. My view is “don’t buy - run as fast as you can”. Mobility required. Know people stuck with few options for readjusting. “You can rent it out” doesn’t work because you need other people to have jobs and if you can’t find one, who says anyone else can…

way I see it anyway.