Need to get mortgage before i lose job

It certainly does, but there’ll be the tears, the fearful childer holding on to the leg, ‘don’t let them bankers evict us from our home Joe’. By then they’ll have convinced themselves totally that it wasn’t a gamble, they were just entitled to a great big bloody roof over their heads.

All academic anyway, despite all those fraudulent ads on the sides of buses, there’s bugger-all mortgages doled out be de banks right now!

But surely it’s sensible advice to buy even if you’re uncertain? That’s what that guy on the Government’s debt advisory board thinks anyway, and he must an expert.


It’s certainly rational but you just have to look at the case of the Cork couple to see how this will all go.

Quiet a few former work colleagues got on this bandwagon also, could not talk sense to them

Of course if the CWO asked them, if they felt there job was in danger prior to purchasing they have the perfect answer

“Willie o Dea and Mary Coughlan assured us our jobs were safe” :imp:

Yep, a work colleague of mine was this way inclined a few months ago. Other half was about to be let go/contract was up from a uk based job. They felt they were under pressure to get the mortgage before this happened. I got the impression they were rushing a purchase too so they could draw down the loot :unamused: I didn’t bother trying to convince her otherwise as my despondency for this country is accelerating and at this stage I think I’d prefer to see out my days a la robert neville…

has anyone got that article where Burgess says buy even if you’re jobs in danger

I remember it being up here at the time but can’t find it

[ … %20Burgess]
(Quotes from the Irish Property Bubble: Brendan Burgess)

Don’t the banks demand a letter from the applicants employer stating they are in permanent work.
Surely it’s fraud to state you are permanent when you know you will be unemployed soon.

But they would be in permanent work at the time, just not in the near future

Re: Need to get mortgage before i lose job…Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

You don’t need to get a mortgage before you lose your job - You just need to get a life!


No. You need a new job before you lose your job.