Negative Gearing in Aus - blog & article on NG very inci

Democrats seem to be doing something positive.

Andrew Bartlett a Democrats senator has identified the main cause of housing unaffordability in Australia as Negative Gearing (NG).
He is the only politician I know of who is standing up for the next generation by exposing the NG rort - and all credit to him for doing so.

You can add to his blog at the following link (Barrlett Diaries) post started 01Apr2008

The following link has earlier comments by Andrew Bartlett posted 02Jun2007

“Negative gearing seems to be the great untouchable as far as politicians are concerned, but I will be interested to see what the Senate Inquiry uncovers in regards to evidence about the positive value that this expensive tax break has on housing availability and affordability.”

Following link is best analysis of NG I have run across so far:

NEGATIVE GEARING – Incompetence or Conspiracy - Dr Putland … onspiracy/