Nendrum, Knocksinna, Foxrock (-150k, -3%)


3% decrease. Must love stress.


wonderful looking house all the same


Back now at €2.45m … 18/3731399

Was for sale for a period in 2011/2012 (i.e. bottom of market) for €2.5m. Sellers have tried to sell and eventually withdrawn at least 3 times since 2000. Maybe it’ll be 4th time lucky!

Also in IT today: … -1.2766720


Almost 2.5m for a small plot (by Foxrock standards), north facing (ouch), aging / 1970s type (not really sure how to classify), non-period / foxrock tudor (I know, but done well, it does appeal), non-prime Foxrock road (not even sure Knocksinna is a strong Tier 2 Foxrock road like Torquay / Brighton Road, with Westminister / Kerrymount as Tier 1) ?

They will either:

  1. Have to reduce asking to c. 2m (if even that will work); or

  2. Bring it back to market for a 4th time in another 5 years.

I won’t bother listing off the bigger sites on better roads (for no less a house) OR the much better houses on similar sites again on better roads, that are struggling at 2.5m in Foxrock.

Makes no sense to me.


Sold. Not sure price. Foreign purchaser.




Obs35 was right to say c. 2M.

1.95 M. for 465sq m is just over 4,000 Euro per sq. m. which sounds about right for this property, given the location and site. The same house could get over 3M. Euro. in D4 & D6.