Neptune Lodge, Sandycove, Co. Dublin

Any other 40 Foot swimmers here? :smiley: I’ve certainly stared up at this house from the sea a few times and idly wondered…

Have seen quite a few houses come up in Sandycove/Ulverton Road area that seem to have lingered a while on the market (just going by the signs in the gardens). None of them quite as unusually sited as this one though. And 2.5m is quite a poker-faced price, isn’t it? I get chills just thinking about what a BER G would mean in that location too.

interesting location all right…not sure about the price though - very limited pool of buyers for such a unique property I would have thought … -1.2193224

Neptune Lodge, Sandycove Harbour, Sandycove, Co Dublin
€2,500,000 - 4 Bed Detached House 270 m² / 2906 ft² For Sale

Poker faced pricing indeed :smiley:

Very recognisable property with lovely location and water access, but a very small north-west facing plot, with little privacy.

I think an interesting comparison is with with neighbouring Rockfort (9 Sandycove Point) - on the other side of the Martello Tower.

Rockfort re-traded for almost 2.75m at the end of 2013. Rockfort was over half an acre, east facing (but with large garden that took in south and west light), and plenty of privacy. I don’t think prices of upper end houses, outside of D4 / D6, have moved a whole lot in 2014 ? I would suspect Rockfort would struggle to beat 3m if it came back to market today?

Drove past this on the weekend.

Sun was out and the so we’re the swimmers.

There must have been over a hundred kids camped at the right wall of this house - looking in.

Not a very private set up ?!?

I think you would need to be an extrovert / naturist to live with this level of exposure ?

Not exactly a year round problem so.

It simply looks too exposed to me. Right up beside the sea like that.

Redline of the site boundary from their D05A/0913 planning application in 2005.

Site is defined as 0.060 ha (0.14 acres)

With house worth c 650k (old state, 200 per sq ft.), that is c 15m an acre for the land !

That is getting to 2006 Ailesbury Road pricing ??

The kids gather on the place marked Pier and the wedge that cuts into the bottom of the site.

Tight spot for a 2.5m mansion ?\ZYLABD~1\INDEXD~1\PLANEXTD\TIFF\1120\0000004Z\00001CGL.TIF

Clearly no £ buyer appeared to save the day (as per Sorrento House).

Price drop from 2.5m to 1.95m to at least take the insanity off the price.

A very unusual house that would need a specific type of buyer (very extrovert personality).

Seems dropping to 1.95m did nothing to bring sanity back…another 200k lobbed off

With the house worth c. 350-400k, that still makes the land worth over 9m an acre (i.e. a lot),

1.75m is the price that they should have started with. If for some reason they got good interest, they could have sold up from there, but if it didn’t, then they could retreat gracefully down to c. 1.5m (at which price it will more likely sell).

There where just too many things going against Neptune’s “Water” USP to make very strong high-end pricing (tiny site, no privacy, north facing, non-period but ageing, no back garden etc.). When a house has this kind of dynamic, it is a truly high-risk option (can’t overstate enough) to go for very strong pricing. When it gets called out, the months and months (years and years in cases) of major price drops act like a cancer and repel bidders who loose all confidence in it. As the drops continue, they need to attract new segments of bidders (who would previously have not viewed on earlier askings), who become very wary of it. Much better to either test in the off market, or start at a more normal pricing but take your time selling.

Sold for 1.3 m

Wow, the add just went back up the other day for 1.35 … 58/3816173

i dont see it on the PPR?

Interesting! Was in Sandycove yesterday and was (a little) surprised to still see a For Sale sign.

Now listed as sale agreed … -1.3203259

Amazing how much expensive properties can be over valued by EAs.