New Age of Reason


I love to take pinsters down the odd and not so odd esoteric ramble. Todays venutre to see the The Georgia Guidestones. Some find it sinister other reasonable.

Coronavirus 2020

So they want an Esparanto speaking master race that worships Gaia.


LOL. Where do I sign?


If Native American Indians carved that, people would be like ‘oooohh deep’


I forgot to include the link, … idestones/

Relaly worth a read of the whoel artile.

@MrA I’m not sure what way to take that comment, as in I am giving you the benefit of the doubt :wink: … are you saying the Native Americas where nothign more than quaint and their belief systems a bit fuzzy or fluffy for this modern world?


Is the term more money than sense applicable here?
Where do we trim the 5.5 billion people from?


6.5 billion people actually.

The lines written on those stones must be seen in the context of the new age hippie movement of the 60s & 70s, and the resurrection of the 18th century Malthusian theory hyped by the book the population bomb written in 1968.

Coincidentally the worlds population is estimated to hit 7 billion in November this year so don’t be surprised to see the Guardianistas getting in a tizzy about this.

Interesting timing that the Georgia stones would be promoted now… what say you OW?


The Conspiracy Roundtable: Global Governance and Agenda 21 -> … -agenda-21

Winamp -> … 0903-1.m3u
MP3 -> … 0903-1.mp3


It reads like the plot of a bad science fiction film.


Prince Charles warns of ‘sixth extinction event’ -> … event.html

neomalthusian just like his dad.



Deep green propaganda. Hateful stuff, but fortunately these views are held by a tiny minority, even within the environmentalist movement.




Does anyone think that the 2012 aplocalyptic nonsense will spawn any mass suicides?


That’s one way of keeping the population in check…


Here’s hoping 8DD


Why would people want to kill themselves before the aplocalypse ?
That would be like leaving ***The Sixth Sense ***just before the twist is revealed.


No back up for 2013?
Personally I miss 2011, the world ended twice then.


Not sure, but a pay dispute might of … 4&cid=1103