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That guy can’t be serious, right?


Didn’t their esoteric knowledge extend to equinoctial precession? Their “special hole” will only be good for 900 years at very best, and possibly a lot less. Would it be too unkind to say they need someone to “tear them a new one”?


maybe they know about precession

its a good way of letting people in the future figure out the date the monument was built


It’s certainly possible. Still can’t help feeling they should have done some fancy software thingy, rather than “building it into the hardware”. Ancient megaliths derived their grandeur at least in part from the sheer technical difficulty of designing and erecting them. Their message is: “I am able to commandeer the best astronomers and architects and thousands of slaves to build this wonder of the world, signed: The Great King BigBalls III”. Somehow, calling in to the local stone merchant on a Friday afternoon isn’t quite the same. The humble plaque on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft was, in its way, much more impressive. It shows that the maker knows about atoms and galaxies, and can tell how the Solar System would look from a perspective that is unique in time and place. Megaliths are a bit “last millenium” (if even) by comparison.


Sure is there nothing to be said for another Mass? :ninja: