New Anglo chief quits DDDA post in conflict fears

There needs to be an investigation into the links between DDDA and Anglo.

A small step in the right direction.

Funny how they are concerned about conflicts of interest all of sudden. I’d say they’re more concerned about awkward questions to be honest.

I’ll go one further and say that i suspect he would still have considerable influence among his pals down there but now will have no official direct ties to them.

WTF??? How the hell many Anglo people were involved in the DDDA?? Seems like half the bankers in Dublin were in on it. Whiffs of a major, major scandal to me (without impugning Mr. O’Connor, who seems to have done the right thing here).

The DDDA needs to be investigated from top to bottom. Looks and smells as rotten as anything as I have seen in Ireland.

Ah but they’re involved in loads of charities.

Great bunch.

A good compilation of DDDA dodginess over on gavinsblog … nt-page-1/

Ah thanks verbatim.

New guy in at the DDDA

I’ve seen him on a few talk shows and always been impressed. Not the usual friend of FF.

He ran for the PDs in the 2002 election.
He also lived abroad (Portugal I think) for 2 years to avoid 20% CGT when he sold Century Homes to Kingspan (not sure I’d blame him for that, I’d say most people would do the same in that situation).

Why are people with vested interests in property/building past or present being appointed to this thing. Could they not get someone from Intel/MNC or the voluntary sector to sit on it?

I have an image I can’t shake of the DDDA singing the Simpsons Stonecutters song before meetings

Because they are the Dublin Docklands DEVELOPMENT Authority and their centrepiece project is a huge Commercial / Residentail / Retail development! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! :smiling_imp: