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Interesting… might be time to put the pressure on to keep this happening.

The article says that this inquiry is coming from the Public Accounts Committee.

Here is the membership list

It’s worth a few people sending nice emails about their good work to these guys. The odd word of encouragement is free, can’t do any harm and quite often more a motivator than one thinks (speaking from the odd time someone gives me the odd word!)

Interesting also that the chair of this committee is John McGuinness TD.

I imagine Shane Ross is probably someone who is supporting this, as is Mary Lou McDonald. They are the only two that aren’t FG/LAB/FF on the committee. They could look very good out of this as a result, if it puts anyone in prison that is, unlikely I know. Possibly Labour as also advocating this, as the one party of the 3 main ones on the committee that didn’t vote for the guarantee. Again they could look very good on the back of any success. However FF are probably very glad to be in a position to control the process to some degree, if only to slow it down, and reduce the effectiveness of the scope etc or any inquiry.

With 84% wanting a clear and transparent inquiry, there is a lot to gain for some people, and also a lot to lose for others.

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How many reports is that now that don’t attribute blame to individuals?..while those that do are buried? There have been three banking inquiries: Nyberg, Regling/Watson & Honohan. All concluded the same thing: The banks were unregulated in their lending and succumbed to “irrational exuberance”. How about answering this?

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Where are the Ernst and Young and McCann Fitzgerald on corporate governance issues at Irish Nationwide Building Society?
Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Suits Zanu FF nicely. They want to minimise the damage such an enquiry would do to them.

Whats wrong with the courts? Are they booked out or something? Surely they can make room for the biggest larceny and fraud in the history of the state?