New banner

Jolly nice.

Jolly well gone.

I was testing it. T’will be up soon enough.

totally saved the current one for bragging rights later on :slight_smile:

Testing a picture! Now I’ve heard everything in my long career fight with over-zealous testers! (Lets exponentially increase the cost of your one line change by testing the entire system to justify our tiny little existences…cowboy? Moi?).

**You can use this link to trial this version of a potential new PIN homepage **

There will be issues with it so please don’t complain you can simply point out technical things and we’ll try and address them and hopefully this will lead to a nicer looking more useful site.

(when myself and others have the time to implement these changes)

Financing The PIN

It has been decided, entirely by me on advice that we have the traffic now to use advertising to support the continued server costs of this web site since our move from bargain basement hosting which nearly killed us!

Advertising will be experimented with in terms of position and bombast.

I will try to make it as unobtrusive as possible but not so compromising its effectiveness as a means of financing.

I do have a rule of thumb NOT to have adverts mid thread posting. It can be very annoying.

Donations where also proposed I feel there is an irreconcilable conflict of interest and goodwill whereby on the one hand, the hard earned money of a few dedicated pinsters is used to support this site but see it used by the many with commercial interests (whom we know frequent this site) to their benefit contrary to the spirit in which the information analysis & time it was given.

It will happen that commercial interests will mine sites like the pin we can’t avoid it but at least you didn’t bankroll something you had no control over.

I can also sleep a bit better too.

Of course we do not ignore that fact that the media can bring stories to a wider audience and inform people while crediting source is important, but it is not just the media who use the pin as a source of information.

Its business as usual and have fun playing with the development POPULAR page.

what’s the deal with the pyramids? shouldn’t they have eyes above them? :slight_smile:

Its back 8)

Castles in the air, pyramids in the sand… We’re forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air! :smiley:


It’s like a rainbow!

But were is the cloverfield toothpick…


I like it. Go for it.

The layout is not quite right in firefox.
Sidebar overlapping the main part a bit.

It’s looking good in Fireyfox now…

I’d suggest that perhaps the font sizes for: “Breaking News & Analysis of the Irish Property Market Bubble”

And mebbe we should drop the bubble ref at this stage…

Is a little small, people mightn’t catch it and not really know what they are looking at it, you could probably throw it into the title of the page aswell on the html…

Trialling top & bottom banners from now.

I just saw my first banner ad on the Pin.
It was for holiday properties in Crete :unamused:

Looks good. I searching for holiday lets in Dublin at the moment.
Is it pay per click or view?

Like the new banner, but it looks like (for me anyway!) that the login and logout links at the top aren’t working, the just seem to link to whatever page your on. I had to browse manually to /login.php to log on.

Buy a property in Dubai?

I will in me feck!

Fair play guys - I know from personal experience how much hosting, dev work etc is.