New Bill - Garda powers to access phones, devices

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The implication seems to be that during a a stop and search scenario it is implied a bobby can demand your personal computing device that you might be carrying on your person and complete access and/or during a criminal investigation. One or the other or both. What is it eh?

Clarity would be good here.

does this essentially allow them to demand and access all devices owned, without a warrant?

Yea the warrant bit, that’s what I meant, without a warrant, while you pop out for bread and milk you are a legally valid target of the States bobbies.

Quite a serious intrusion and liable to widespread abuse…are these powers available in many other countries, I wonder?


Possibly the border zone in the US. Some mention of it here in the past.

BBC report says " **Irish police will have the power to compel people to provide passwords for electronic devices when carrying out a search warrant under new legislation."

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Yea caught that, we shall see how it rolls if it rolls, I’m sure they’ll try to get it in before the Delta-Wave hits. :whistle:

There was much controversy around this issue in the US and I can’t remember where it landed.

If you can’t remember your password because you randomly banged your head in a freak accident during your arrest or a stop & search privilege, what can be done?

Well Bio-metric access, like finger print scanner and face scanners are a Techno-Tyrants wet dream. Especially faceID tech, grabs suspect phone, points phone at suspect [UNLOCKED]… Whoops! :icon_smile:

Enabling a double lock of password-code/bio-metric, might hamper that but then there is another issue, you have all the ancillary services and accounts say one phone might be hooked into. Say 100 stand alone accounts. Do they need a warrant for each pw access point? Many of these service woudl be off the device and on servers elsewhere with unrelated 3rd parties. Will they create a super-duper warrant, a open-seasame warrant, the filtrates right up your entire connectivity and account tree?

It has the potential for an incredible level of reach into the life of a persona, beyond anything a State has ever had access too.

Then of course is the privacy and integrity of your data and the State has a quality record on that front. Hey but if you have nothing to hide what’s the problem! Yea… :icon_cool:

Hard to do without a smartphone these days too.

Some institutional e-mails require 2-factor authentication, along with online banking etc. which means either an authentication app on your phone, or text messages to it.

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Good to see that the people of Ireland can revert to the BBC to get some clarification on this somewhat alarming story

Add this to Hate Speech stuff and we are all fucked.

GDPR might be the only savior. Might.

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It’s like watching a cookery program, “…and here’s one I prepared earlier”, got to keep the pace up!

All these new toys in the SinnFein-Harris duopoly-power-complex being carefully ushered in to reign across the Island will give past colonial times a run for it’s money.


Hand over your phone on the way into the US or get sent home again.

They go through your emails, even re-activate old social media accounts, (that you may have deleted so they wouldn’t see that you were working in the US).

It’s really quite abusive.

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Cookery & mobile Phones

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The female bobby here keeps snatching yer mans phone.

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