New build: do I need a survey?



I was a one-time poster on the old Pin but have forgotten my details.

I’m seeking some advice…

My partner and I have purchased a modest new build bungalow for cash and are due to move in the next few weeks.

We’ve spoken with a few professionals with a view to getting a structural survey, in case there’s any major faults. Quite a few have said that it is not really necessary with the new regulations.

What is the view of the learned posters of the Property Pin?


At this point, I think an architect or building surveyor may provide better value for money on a new build. They would recommend if they felt that a structural survey was required.

Worth checking over boundary lines, any shared services/ownership. Worth checking nearby properties for planning permission and development plans.

I think a survey should be completed on any purchase, new or old. You’re not buying a car from the factory.


I’d agree. The regs are an improvement but there are always cowboys in the building trade.