New builds - 2 beds, Carrington, Northwood,Santry(-170k,46%)

They started at 370k


Now start at 360k

I would think that the developer will take an axe to these prices at some stage. A lot has been built in Northwood now, and these certainly don’t compare favourably with the Crescent in Ashtown where they had the chunky drops.

I’d prefer a house in Clonsilla than a crappy little flat complete with management fees beside Ballymun.

Really!? I had a look at these and thought they were very nice. Nice location overlooking the the park on some of the blocks too…

That park is the only good thing there, it does get packed and is a trafiic nightmare when the weather is good. Still though, the worst part of Ballymun is on your doorstep.

I went to see an apartment in Lymewood a couple of years ago, very close to Carrington. As I was being shown round, I asked the EA if there was any trouble or antisocial behaviour since we were so close to Ballymun, he said “No, no, no, nothing like that around here”, then as he showed me out of the building there was a guy doing hand-break turns around the roundabout. Poor guy.

Anyway, these 2 beds in Carrington are now starting from 345k according to this agent
or 342k according to this agent

Not sure that there are too many other developments in this price bracket that would have the on site security of Northwood.

One of the problems with Carrington IMHO is that is very high density and the outside rendering of the building is likely to look awful within a few years.



Sheer madness…

Now from 295k

Now from 250k

now up to 260k



Those are Affordable Housing apartments. Am I reading this correctly? It looks like there are 173 Affordable apartments available in Carrington. Check out this ad too

Looking at the website it looks like there are 348 Carrington apartments in total, some genius has decided to buy half of them for Affordable Homes. The developer is P. Elliott

Are these newly advertised as affordable homes or have they been around for a while? I’d love to know when the decision was made to buy 173 of these.

I think it’s apartment no. 173??

One left? Going cheap…

Now 215k

got a flyer in the door suggesting these started at 380k
scan to follow later…