New builds - Bakers Yard, North Circular Road

The headline on the 8th of May in the Irish Times blared: [*Bakers Yard apartments priced to sell like hot cakes to first-timers * (

The month of May isn’t even over:

Now 1 beds from 270k (-25k, -8.5%)
2 beds from 325k (-25k, -7%)

You’d want ot be prepared to write off about a dozen Sundays during the summer when your gaff would be a no go area due to the crowds going in and out for the bog-ball and stick fighting at Croke Park.

And another 7/8 random nights when the pink cowboy hat wearing brigade descend upon the area to see Westlife, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks or whoever is serving up their evenings entertainment. Not to mention soundchecks starting at 10am on concert days being a lovely wake up call.

I can never understand the pricing logic with these schemes. The 1-bed units sell at €6,556 a sq/m while the 2-beds are €5,469 and the 3-bed unit is €5,123 a sq/m.

So the smallest place sells at a 28% premium over the largest one. Why? Surely it should be the other way around. A larger place is more appealing so it follows you would pay more for it per sq m.

Anyway, 3 bedrooms into 81sqm is a joke. That should be the starting size for a decent 1 bed.

I guess it reflects rent per square metre. In a development where two beds rent for 1400 per month, one beds can rent for 1100 per month. Renters will pay a premium to live on their own.

3 beds now 375k (-40k, 9.6%)

I know people who live in houses very close to Croke and its not that bad. Some of them even like the atmosphere that it brings.

Can someone explain all the changes that have been made to the ads?

Agreed, a little harsh there Poc, don’t you think? I’m no GAA fan, but the term “bog-ball” is pretty juvenile. Plenty of similar irritations occur beside Lansdowne, RDS, and Leopardstown Racecourse, yet people seem to be content to live there. From what I’ve heard, recent parking restrictions in the area have made a significant difference. Not my preference, but not exactly a “no go area”.

Well you’ve got about a three hour period before any match, and half that again when the game is over, that the roads are completely clogged up with traffic, when the access roads to your house are closed, and while you’ll be able to get in and out (albeit slowly) you can forget about having visitors in.

All the nearby shops/take aways/bank machines have lengthy queues. You can forget about a quiet pint in the local…

There’s significant noise from the passing crowds and also a lot of rubbish being dumped on the streets.

I know people who make arrangements to head out from their houses for the day when there are matches on to avoid the crowds and noise.

Maybe that doesn’t add up to a “no-go” area for you, I’d see it as a serious issue that would need to be considered before buying one of the above gaffs.

I’m aware that it affects other sporting venues, but I replied in relation to Croke Park. I’m sure each of these has similar considerations.

No, you make a fair point and I apologise for being so critical above. I agree regarding the noise and traffic, and it would be a major problem for me. However, I would equally acknowledge that there are some people who don’t see this as such a big problem, and are willing to put up with the hassle for the sake of living near to the city centre. I’ve even met some people who enjoyed the “buzz” around Lower Drumcondra on a match day, although these were renters who could easily move elsewhere if they tired of it.

So, I need 270k for a one-bed. The bank will lend me 80% which means I need €54k deposit. I’m saving €1200 a month and have €15k saved already. So I’ll have the €39k I need saved within 3 years. Then my mortgage will be €1300 per month over 25 years, that’s if interest rates don’t go up. But wait a minute…can I not rent a 1-bed in D1 for €1100 per month and move in now? I’m so confused. I should probably go and talk to an Estate Agent and get some advice. They always know what’s best for me.

Methinks these particular hot cakes will not be so hot by the time they’re sold.

One beds can now be had for 254,500 (originally from 295k)

One beds can now be had for 295,500 (originally from 350k)

2 bed now 250k (down from 350k)

3 bed now 300k (down from 415k)