New builds - Belfield Abbey, Cork City (-38% to -49%)

As seen on the Ghost Estates threads.

Type B - 820k → 420k
Type D - 610k → 340k
Type A - 980k → 580k
Type C - 550k → 340k

I’ve been past this estate lately. Nice enough, just got unlucky with their timing.

580K for a 5 bed just ain’t gonna cut it though…

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

Type F

5k difference between C (townhouse) and D (semi-d)!

I can’t remember who built these babies??

cordyline, looks like i’m going to loose my mind,
your house has pushed me over the cordyline… :slight_smile:

Type A - 980k → 580k → still 580K

Type B - 820k → 420K → up(?) to 450K

Type C - 550k → 340k → 310K

Type D - 610k → 340k → 310K

Type F - 230k → up to 260K … ?id=436558

These are starting to shift in a fairly big way now. 3 went through in June alone.

23/03/2010 €244,934.00 32, belfield abbey, boreenmanna road, Cork
16/07/2012 €190,346.00 18 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork, Cork
07/05/2013 €268,723.00 47 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road
27/11/2013 €273,127.75 55 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork
02/12/2013 €273,128.00 58 BELFIELD ABBEY, BOREENMANNA ROAD
02/12/2013 €286,342.00 8 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork
03/12/2013 €275,000.00 15 BELFIELD ABBEY, BOREENMANNA RD
04/12/2013 €500,000.00 1 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork
13/03/2014 €202,643.00 28 BELFIELD ABBEY, BOREENMANNA ROAD, CORK
06/06/2014 €273,128.00 40 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork.
10/06/2014 €310,000.00 4 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork
24/06/2014 €310,000.00 14 Belfield Abbey, Boreenmanna Road, Cork

I’ve enquired and these were part of the O’Flynn sales book which was sold lately. So while still up as for sale at POA, they are erally off the market until September or so.

The ones gone through are at the price noted above when they dropped to 310K shortly. I imagine they were sale agreed before the loan book sale was finalised and took some months to finalise.

I’ve marked these to watch for any flips before the end of the year. I think some of those were bought at very good value given the location and finish.

If the Cork market does swing up in a considerable way, which I really do think will happen, this area is going to be one of the few leading the charge.

These are back on for 405K … k-1163601/

First one sold at new price of 405K … enDocument

That’s a second-hand sale according to the PPR listing.