New builds - Cloragh Mills, Rathfarnham (-37% to -44%)

1-bed apartments
Were 395k
Were 320k
Now 250k
Down 37%

2-bed apartments
Were 525k
Were 390k
Now 299k
Down 43%

3-bed apartments
Were 625k … 97485.html
Were 450k
Now 350k
Down 44%

2006 launch details are at … 74116.html … 97485.html

Discussion on this development at … 2055103590

Planning application … &term=poet

Aerial view: … 4&pid=5874

Some additional photos at the development homepage:

€350k for 3 bed apartment? Good luck with that.


haha! And a photo of the Merry Ploughboy pub as the welcome photo on Daft, that doesn’t bode well for the rest of them.

They do look like potentially nice gaffs, but, realistically, you’re in an apartment in an area designed for houses. Hell of a walk to get a pint of milk and the paper.

EDIT: Christ on a bike!!! The developer’s address as listed on Daft is:
Aston Homes
Head Office
Frank Fahy Centre
Naas Road
Dublin 12

Frank Fucking Fahy Centre!!! XX