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Ok so I seem to notice a number of sites, cranes around Dublin again starting construction (at least the areas I am looking)…
So wondering if it makes sense to put together a list for different areas e.g. ones that have started, or due to start or finish soon:

Dunard, Malahide
Sleepy Hollow, Malahide/Kinsealy
CastleMoyne, Balgriffin



New house builds up 132% year-on-year in first quarter

National figure, from a low base of course (though the figure is not given…sloppy journalism)


This annoys me no end, as I find myself re-reading the article, convinced I missed it.

Press Release copy & paste.


Dunard, Malahide
Sleepy Hollow, Malahide/Kinsealy
CastleMoyne, Balgriffin
Castle Way, Malahide Kinsealy (Across from Sleepy Hollow on Kinsealy Lane)


There’s houses being built at the top of Grace park Road (Dublin 9 or 11?)

I’d say 10 or 12?


Phoenix Park Racecourse - houses not apartments


The houses referenced by Nosey Parker in the Phoenix Park (88 in total)

**Navan Road **- 4 new houses being built on Navan Road near Tesco and MSL motors
Rathbourne (Ashtown) - I have noticed that they are finishing off some apartments which have been idle for some time, estimate about 15 - 20, not far from Ashtown train station.

#8 … 79839.html


676 houses started in Dublin in the first 4 months of the year.

At this rate we will break the 2k barrier in a full year.


“The index gathers information from local authorities on planning applications and commencement notices posted with local authorities.”

Is this information public does anyone know ?


ah sorry yes it is :wink: … s&menuID=9

#12 … th/2814419

Thormanby Hill, Howth.


Goose Green Court, 4 beds.

Hopefully there will be no Falklands veterans viewing them :neutral_face:


I see planning applications being lodged for developments all over Dublin - from the small-time back garden development, to 100+ units. There is an active planning application at the moment for 104 new homes on Brighton Road in Foxrock, about 90 of which will be houses (majority are detached) ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms. They were (thankfully) refused planning for this but it is under appeal. Same developer (Caslethorn Construction) was granted planning for a large development at the old rugby club at Kilgobbin Lane, Stepaside, last year. It’s a Joe O’Reilly company, most well known for developing Dundrum Town Centre and also Adamstown. I was under the impression that O’Reilly’s developments were NAMA’d, but I suppose that must have been another company if this one is now planning tens of millions of euros worth of development. I wonder if the likes of these applications will actually lead to construction, or if they are merely applying to increase site value and/or give them the option down the line, with the possibility to merely apply for extension of P.P. if they don’t build in the coming years.


3 new detached houses built on the Milltown Road in Dublin 6.


15 houses on the grounds of what was ‘riveradale house’ in Butterfield Ave. Also 54 houses going up in Knocklyon Rd right behind the petrol station.

Virtually every house that we’re looking at that has a decent plot and not all the garden is at the back is being purchased by developers in order to build 2, 3 or however many houses they can reasonably or unreasonably squeez in.


Knew that was a good buy at the time, but I was thinking more along the lines of maybe 5/6 houses to the rear of the site with S facing gardens with possible access from the lane at the rear, or potentially providing a separate entrance from Butterfield. Restore original house and keep on sizeable grounds, while still making a killing on the new houses. I suppose there’s just a lot more money to be made building over-dense crap.


That said, from where I stand, there’s lots of land to be built on in D14/D16 which are the areas I know best. There’s plenty of land in Fir House Rd, Knocklyon Rd, Grange Rd, Harold’s Grange Rd, etc etc.


What, it was a steal!! All those grounds for something like 900k or so. Bearing in mind the house across the Rd now (12 Butterfield Ave) is not that huge and has a small garden and is being sold for nearly 800k now requiring complete renovation.


I’ve only seen them driving past but they look small for 4 beds, I assumed 3 beds when I saw them