New Builds Dublin


good work all… interesting to see there is action happening throughout the city
Hopefully this can somehow get control of an otherwise ludicrous market ;(


Out of curiosity - how does bidding work on a new development? Assuming, as is most likely with these new small developments, that there are multiple interested parties in the development as a whole. Is it a case of registering interest/paying deposit for any house in the development and then bidding on a specific house? Or is the ‘asking price’ the actual price?


Prices starting at €465K … -9/2855573


And here’s the first on those Navan Road houses: … -7/2863421

POA - am guessing well north of €500k though given the spec/size/location/state of things.

#25 … reshuffle/


She wants to ramp up the number of houses built for social housing which nobody who works for a living will be entitled to apply for.
This is like the affordable housing/shared ownership scheme in that it allows them to say they are doing something while not interfering in the madness that is the Irish Housing Market.


20 fucking 20

I wrote my first concerned citizen letter to Jan O’Sullivan, minister for housing, in 2012 to highlight the incipient problems in Dublin housing. 2 years later the govt gets around to recognising there is a problem. And they feel they will have a solution in place 6 years form now.

A fucking joke.


Surely it will move people in need of social housing out of the private sector, freeing up rentals and sales for the working public?


It’ll be a signal for teenage girls to get themselves pregnant and be given a free house so that they can move out of Mammy’s gaff.
Demand will expand to exceed supply.


That’s the Navan road up beside Cabra? 1700 sq ft semi, well north of 500K? By jaysus but I’m out of touch.


they’ve started clearing all the land at the grange hill / deerfield site on harolds grange road now… looks like they’re going ahead with a build of 71 houses there…


Drive the m50 from firhouse to dundrum. Look left and look right as you do so… Lots and lots of land.


Left is Marlay Park and Grange Golf Club. Lots of land alright :wink: To the right lies enough land for about 1,000 houses in D16 in fairness. There is a new 24 acre site on Scholarstown Road in Knocklyon after coming on the market with DTZ as well


Coopers Wood, kinsealy. 3 and 4 beds.


Sure Marlay Park and the Gold Club are there, but there is more than that even on that side of the road.

Between the two sides there is enough room to build another area the size of Knocklyon or Ballinteer. There is also enough of a gap between Firhouse and Dundrum on the M50 to potentially warrant another M50 exit.

As an aside, can Dublin justify the number of golf clubs it has taking up prime city land? Can any golf club inside the M50 have it’s location justified in a greater good sense?


Wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments, we need a government with some gusto to solve the housing crisis, the no-supply theme has been central to the Great Irish Property Racket and it’s complete nonsense, a by-product of a crony led scam.


Related? … enDocument


in the heart of Rathfarnham!


More 3-storey “family” houses. XX


And starting from almost $1,000,000 …
Awesome. Where do I sign.