New Builds Dublin


Why, who wouldn’t be delighted to pay that for a narrow three-story mid-terrace house with a ground floor that looks like an open plan tunnel. :unamused:


Oh dear God no.
What’s next, Brookside ?



I’d be more concerned that “sitting in South West of Dublin at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains and close to the border with the garden county of Wicklow” actually means “a literal stone’s throw from the M50”. … a=!3m1!1e3


It’s also just under 5km away from Rathfarnham village.


It’s the usual high density pack 'em in design. Most of the houses don’t have driveways, so for your €640K+ you can expect to spend some time being annoyed that people have taken “your” space, or that any visitors to your house if you are having a party or family gathering etc., have nowhere to put their cars.

There was a period for a while more than a year ago that a consensus was coming about that people wouldn’t settle for badly designed developments any more (in terms of layout, etc.). the current panic will fuel a situation where people will buy anything regardless of design.

Also, I’m surprised they are so cheap. They probably could have stuck a price tag of 900K+ on them and sold the lot.


That could easily happen when they release Phase II, Phase III etc. :smiling_imp:


Coalition housing plans under threat as water facilities not up to task


Where is all this available land that you espy on the Knocklyon Road? I can’t think of anywhere other than the Landy’s site which, as you mention, is already being developed. And I can’t think of anywhere on the Firhouse Road either - unless you’re talking about rezoning part of Dodder Valley Park, which is a long-established public amenity.

#49 … -1.1887159

Article includes some interesting stats from the Sherry Fitz Database!

Sounds like a lot of people pretty forthcoming with their financial details to EA’s…


Planning application in for 138 new houses in Oldcourt, Ballycullen.

Mostly 3 or 4 bed detached and semi detached, two storey, with their own driveways and gardens etc. … SD14A/0180


8 townhouses have been thrown up in Clonskeagh over the past couple of months, opposite the mosque on the site of the old Friarsland gym.

Very poor use of the site, they could have doubled the density IMO, considering how central it is. … 1a2364496f


You have a rake of Sorohan apartments just a few hundred metres away.
Makes selling townhouses a lot more of a ‘sure thing’.


Most of those Sorohan apartments are sold, I heard. Not sure how reliable. The 3 beds were 450k

My complaint is with our “planners” who should, IMHO, have only given permission to build there with a higher density. There’s a big site up the road that just sold with permission for 39 units, the field beside that school there. Again, well designed duplexes with good common spaces and underground parking could have provided a lot more density. … 1a2364496f


Some new houses just off the Luas at Glencairn: … 18/2900585

Called up to find out the price of the 3-bed semis earlier in the week - €480k. Nice spot, but damn that’s expensive!


1985 called and wants its 3 bed semi housing designs back.


Meh. I think I’m in there.

EA: “So, we can advise you of houses coming up for sale. What’s your budget”
Me: “Put me down for €1m”
EA: “Awesome!”

I like seeing what’s coming on the market, even though my budget isn’t close to 1m.


6 new houses being built on the old Texaco site in Churchtown at the moment.


OMG, I can’t believe they are still building houses to that template

Granted, not everyone wants cedar cladding but a little bit of originality would be nice


Reminds me of this article. … esign.html

Carbuncles get the awards but small scale shit design needs to be recognised.


Building work has just started on new 3 and 4 bed houses on Sion Hill Road in Drumcondra-not sure how many. They originally got planning permission for 60 something. Haven’t seen any details regarding pricing yet.