New Builds Dublin


Hate to say I told you so, but… Here’s one of the finished houses. Open viewing this Saturday on all four: … n/1001971/

Yup, that’s €595k.

Two similarly-sized houses round on Croaghpatrick Road got €525-€550k over the summer (here’s one of 'em: … -7/2669198) so it’s not a huge stretch to imaging these new ones achieving asking, I guess.


This was originally a derelict large site with house, I think it sold for around the 320k-350k mark about a year ago. Answers on a postcard regarding how much profit post building costs and fees, if these prices are achieved.

These houses are right beside a telecom substation, with a substantial communications tower. Right beside that is park motors and their 4 garages!. Across the road is a school. Close by is a huge tesco’s and the Estate - Dunard, used to be dodgy but think it is ok now. Finally the road is very busy and noisy.

It really is crazy times in Dublin! How long more can this madness go on for!


A3 - PV solar, insulation, wood stove, heat pump, triple glazing - then hole in the wall vents? the mind boggles!


hearing that Castleknock Golf Club has been sold to a developer. hoping/planning to build on the driving range initially then presumably the rest. Planning will be tricky surely for the rest of the course.


Interesting. Heard from someone who bought a 5 bed in Bracken Park (castleknock) for i think €755 in the last few months. Already regretting it , developer has started renting out the ones he can’t sell.


regretting it because it’s actually Carpenterstown :smiley: ?

that’s a hefty price - Whites Gate, Farmleigh and Somerton were selling at near enough that price not to so long ago


Just heard an unconfirmed rumour today that they will be on sale next spring for 750k. Feck me pink!, :open_mouth: its a nice area but hardly midtown Manhattan judging by that asking price!


Hillfield - Rathmichael - €1.2m to €1.3m (New Generation Homes) … -1.1997803

All of the first 5 released have booking deposits already


63 Navan Road now reduced to 560k … n/1023502/


No sign of a brochure yet for the supposed launch date of early 2014.
I doubt the gardens will be ‘larger than normal’ given the size of the site!


Maybe by “normal” they mean the Stocking Wood development up the road


I got dragged down to an open viewing of “Goose Green Court” by a friend of a friend at the weekend… seemed to be busy and agent said that nearly all the houses were sold but not all contracts signed etc… etc.

Several things really surprised me… the first was the design/layout of the show house. I walked into the kitchen, which really was very narrow and certainly not long enough to compensate… there was a door along it which I assumed to be a utility room until I opened it and realised that they had put a toilet with direct entry off the kitchen round about where the dining table would most intuitively be positioned… I know that it is strictly meeting building regs but really shocked that they actually put this in a house they are trying to sell for €425k. The house itself was dark, particularly on the stairs, a real waste of what could be a potentially great site… the boom cruised through but developers are back to peddling the same ole rubbish to desperate punters…

Then I read the Indo today and see that there is a guy complaining that he pays rent of 1k a month and can’t afford to save for a 20% deposit for a house… there I am wondering how he thinks that he can afford to pay a mortgage of nearly twice that if he can’t save… all the while he has a house in Millstreet in negative equity (so I thought the new rules don’t apply to him!)… It’s sickening to see how lazy the journalists are… disappointing… no form of rational, logical analysis of what is being spouted…


Building of these coming along. EA says prices won’t be set until construction costs are finalised, around Easter 2015. :confused:


3 & 4 bed’s in Castleknock. Lovely location right beside the Phoenix Park launching later this month / early next month. size - to - price ratio seems a bit rich. Spoke to the EA who gave a price “if the houses were to go on sale today”:

three bedroom houses are c. 103 sq.m / 1,108 sq.ft - in excess of 500,000
four bedroom houses are c. 124 sq.m / 1,334 sq.ft - in excess of 600,000

driving past the estate it looks like there’s no front garden and the back gardens seem to be tiny boxes.


Bracken Park, Castleknock phase 1 was launched in May 2014. 6 of the smaller 4 beds of that phase namely Nos 50, 52,54, 56,58 and 60 were then priced at 610K. However No 52 is recorded on the PPR as having sold for 574,976 (or 506,587 ex VAT) on Dec 1st. The other 5 houses are all recorded on the PPR as having sold at the asking of 610K on earlier dates.
Most of the 4 bed houses in the first phase were of a larger type and included a study. These were priced from 655K. one of these, namely No 42, is listed on the PPR as having sold for 610K (or 537,445 ex VAT on Sep 11).The brochure indicates that No 42 has a good sized rear garden compared to the other large 4 beds which sold for much more.
A few of the first phase houses have not yet appeared on the register. I wonder if they are sold and for what prices.


No 63 Navan Rd is now sale agreed following the recent price drop to 560K. It was sale agreed earlier (last November) shortly after a price drop from 595K to 565K. No 62 went sale agreed very shortly after its price was dropped to 550K. It now has a SOLD sign outside. Nos 61 and 64 both went sale agreed in late October last. No 61 was put back on the market in December at the lower asking of 565K while No 64 has been occupied since late January. It will be interesting to see the entry for No 64 0n the PPR.
Meanwhile some more new builds are proceeding nearby on Old Cabra Rd.

#77 … ts%3C/a%3E

Permission given to Lynam for 124 2 story houses in April 2014. Was originally for 185 terrace houses and apartments but switched in April 2014 to the 2 story houses. This would be the last undeveloped site I can think of on the new Ongar Road. No construction started yet. They’re close to Clonsilla train station so you’d imagine there’d be some demand for them.


No 64 Navan Rd was sold on 2015-01-23 for 539,999 (or 475,770 ex VAT). It first appeared on the register on 2015-02-25. Note that this was first on the market in early October last asking 595K. Big difference!


I guess it’s in the "If you need to ask the price you can’t afford it " bracket


Where’s the quote from if you don’t mind me asking? The houses’ names could easily have been copied straight from a RO’CK column.
Unwise IMO for an estate agent to make such comments about Shrewsbury Road. If I was him I wouldn’t want to alienate that road of all roads, as he is ensuring DNG won’t get any instructions there. Why give DNG the listing when they don’t think the road is as good as other estate agents do?