New Builds Dublin


Someone (of my “connection”) on LinkedIn “liked” it… I.e. Keith Lowe posted it there


Then why the feck would you need the Luas?

I also see Phasers are set to “Stunning” but the price will probably be set to Kill. :unamused:

#83 … -1.2176622
“First house in new Temple Road scheme nearing completion”

#84 … n/1028831/

The Avalon, Warren Lodge, Sutton, Dublin 13

€930,000 Semi-Detached House|4 Beds|4 Baths

pretty shit design IMHO


What’s Section 27 ?


S27 is student accommodation. Why do you ask?


Is that not Sec 50 ?
I ask because the house above is Sec 27.


S27 is not students. It’s relief for new builds in certain areas.


You’re right it is S50 for students. Not sure why, but S27 sounds familiar enough for me to assume it was students, and am failrly sre we looked into it a couple of years ago for some property. There was a S27 connected with incentives for tourism - but I think 27 itself was an extension to it of an earlier incentive (about 5 years ago).

Can anyone provide a link to something?

#90 … age-speech


I could easily be wrong but I doubt that is the S27 they are referring to - why would a purchaser care.

I suspect it pre-dates that by quite a bit. I’m still vaguely leaning towards tourism or regeneration but it is a bit odd nothing turns up easily on a search.

#92 … th/2814419

seems like higher quality than the pack 'em in dross Cosgraves built in Bracken Park and Honey Park but still cheeky enough asking?


Imagine the prices if socialist Tommy Broughan had got his way… he opposed this development on grounds of density :unamused:


I hadn’t noticed until today but work is quite far advanced on the site on Church Avenue in Rindsend. The receiver was selling the site last year with full planning for three houses (2 x three-bed and 1 x four-bed IIRC). I actually expressed an interest but the agent (Knight Frank) never got back to me :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure if it actually sold, or if the receiver decided to build.

No name or EA info on the development yet that I could see…


up 25k



Planning permission notice up/large hole in the ground for 6 3-storey houses on the Dundrum Road in Milltown. The previous occupant of the site was a warehouse used to store repossessed cars.


First batch now on sale. Starting from 665k. … -9/3093698


Was that AIB’S car leasing yard? Just up the hill from Milltown (bridge)


Did it go out of business or just move ?

Would have thought this economic environment was ripe for them.


These houses just off Murphystown Rd in Leopardstown/Sandyford (just outside the M50) seem to be almost finished: … 18/3130145 No prices listed anywhere. They squeezed 10 houses on a small enough site.


Finished & for sale from 825k … 14/3316703