New Builds Dublin


Does 825k seem like a fair price for the finished product?

It’s more Clonskeagh than milltown.
Houses are narrow.
Are they only one car driveways?
No sink in utility room.
Finish looks good though.


There are two distinct driveways per house according to the plans in the brochure.

Tricky to price. No room dimensions but footprint looks about 13x5, 11x5, 11x5 with ~15x5m garden.

This is what 100k more gets down the road in Clonskeagh/Goatstown:

The Fir, 17 Roebuck Park, Goatstown, Dublin 14
€945,000 - 6 Bed Detached House 181 m² / 1948 ft² For Sale … 14/3322765

Detached and bigger garden/sense of space, good quality of finish, super quiet area, tumbleweed at the viewing I went to probably due to price. Owners leaving the country IIRC.

Closer to Milltown proper:

32 Churchfields, Milltown, Dublin 14
€995,000 - 4 Bed Detached House 180 m² / 1938 ft² For Sale … 338198#map

Further west in Clonskeagh…
31 The Palms, Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14
€895,000 - 5 Bed Bungalow 212 m² / 2282 ft² For Sale, BER E2 … 14/2905603

But then…

33 The Palms, Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14
€635,000 - 4 Bed Semi-Detached House 149 m² / 1604 ft² For Sale … 14/3328000

Attic conversion and full width extension and you’d be at 180sqm for less than 700k.

Back in new build land…

Four Bed Townhouses, The Grove, Goatstown Road, Goatstown, Dublin 14
€745,000 - 4 Bed End of Terrace House 166 m² / 1787 ft² For Sale … 14/3278119

…and Friarsland is proving tough to shift although on a main road a bit hard on the eye:

Friarsland, Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14
€795,000 - 5 Bed 175 m² / 1884 ft² For Sale … 14/3115280

Given all that I think I’d be tempted to get something like this:

65 Gledswood Park, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14
€525,000 - 3 Bed Semi-Detached House 112 m² / 1206 ft² For Sale … 14/3368624

…and spend 200k on it. You’d be left with a perfect house with a 100ft garden for 100k less than the cost of one of these new builds.


Pefer Richmond to Friarsland.
I think the fact it’s a smaller development makes it more attractive than The Grove.
I think your Gledswood Park idea would be better however would you get your money back on it?


Hopefully the 200k would cover this up!


Ah now, you can hardly see the join!


It seems buyers weren’t put off by the pricing! All sold bar one within days, and a week or two on the last one could easily now be sold too.


Seems they got it right so. Fair play to them.


Were they all for sale?

I know with Friars land only two were available.


Aideen Place, Kimmage, Dublin
€500,000 - 3 Bed Terraced House 150 m² / 1615 ft² BER A…7 houses in total … in/3409371

Spread over 4 levels, down a narrow lane. Which befits very narrow houses!
€308 per sq ft, but that sq footage advertised is made up of all 4 levels…thats a lot of stairs
Smart homes also apparently

Possibly more to come as there are still some empty factory units between these new builds and the next houses on this lane


I saw that this morning. I think the price is a big ask.

Those multi level houses seem to struggle. Reminds me of this one on Garville Road. … -6/2918856


500k asking so say 400k loan at 5% over 25yrs = 2,340 per month
Max rent at an educated guess if used as a 4 bed = 2k to 2.2k

So a loss of 200 per month…and then there’s a tax bill of say 5k per annum after all deductables.
So a loss of 7.5k or thereabouts for your average small time investor (not counting time spent managing the rental).

So won’t appeal to a lot of investors at that price?


Reduced to 450 today … n-1139581/
I’m tempted at this price, I’ve been looking in the area and there are a lot of serious doer uppers looking for closer to 400 thousand
that will cost a lot more to run year on year than an A rated house


Decent-sized back garden (albeit all paved/concreted) on this compared to many other new-builds. Looks like it’s south-west facing, too?


Live near there…100% north facing gardens.
Had a walk by at the weekend. Only 2 of the 7 finished and this building has been going on for 18months plus

Very, very narrow houses. 400sq ft per floor.
And it’s down a narrow lane.

But at 450k, thats good value for D6W


Saw the show house twice and it’s really nice and very well finished. Although there’s technically lots of space the house just doesn’t actually feel that big as the rooms are small and it’s over 4 levels including the attic (which could easily be used as a bedroom). Another thing that bothered us is the lack of space to put wardrobes in the bedrooms, making them seem bigger than they would actually be on a pratical day-to-day sense. One could convert the garage at the front to open up the main level but then there could be an issue with parking.

We were going to make an offer in the region of 450 a few weeks before the price drop but then went sale agreed on the other house nearby that we were also looking at. It was a very close call and if the house we’re currently sale agreed on falls through (it’s happened to us a few times) we will definitely be considering one of these new builds again. The EA said they were open to offers at 500k asking so I would assume the same at the new price also. Something to bear in mind as well - they houses are not identical either, the one of the end angles inwards and loses a few sqm as a result, making it seem ALOT smaller (we looked one as well when we were there). The EA said they would consider selling that one at a lower price than the rest when we asked. He also said there will be more houses from the same developer (in addition to these 7) further down the lane, something to bear in mind as it could be very tight and busy in there in a few years!


Ah, not for the first time, the little map on Myhome has mislead me :slight_smile:


The exterior is a bit uninspiring.


Yeah I agree, they would look much better if they had used old-brick or a mixture of brick colours to give some texture (which might have the original intention based on the CGI video that accompanies the listing).


Up to 475k today


Any thoughts on Royal Canal Park?