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You’d think it’d be easy enough for the banks to detect this stuff; just have someone keep an eye on myhome, and flag problem addresses. I’d have thought they’d already do this for other reasons.


Luxury homes in scheme of 30 on Howth Head for €1.5m

Thu, May 7, 2015, 03:30

Thormanby Hill, by Cosgrave group, has spacious houses each landscaped for €40,000

Reach new heights in this luxury villa under Howth summit - yours for €1.4m

With five bedrooms, there’s no shortage of space

Anyone know what’s going on with “Thormanby Hill” Howth, are prices really less than 2015? Less desirable sites but even still


I think the IT had it wrong. They never were asking €1.5m. From my history of myhome ads, they went on sale for €1.4m in mid-2015. They were upped to €1.45m in September that year, and to €1.475m at the start of 2016. That’s where they’ve stayed until now, except for nr. 6 – the showroom I assume (no actual owner would put that amount of grey in one house) – asking €1.595m with all furnishings.


you are correct :

Prices are from €1,400,000 (size 3,358 sq.ft / 312 sq.m). We attach herewith a copy of the brochure and pricelist. The Booking Deposit is €10,000 payable to Sheehan & Company Solicitors, subject to contract.

from my email (TBH it’s what I recalled)

still though; no price growth over 4 years is interesting?


It’s definitely a bit strange. Average Dublin asking prices have gone up about 15% in that time, and the CSO index has gone up about 25 points. I don’t know much about prices in the micro-market of Howth, but I’d have expected it to be comparable to SCD. In fact, those asking prices per square foot are lowish compared to the SCD average, and you expect a premium both for new builds and larger houses.

On the other hand, the €1m+ market is very rarefied, and definitely has been under pressure for the last year at least. Maybe their timing was just bad. Who knows, maybe they’re just plain ole’ good value. :icon_lol:


i think there are a few factors here,

For one reason or another howth doesnt command as strong prices as say dalkey for example, house for house it tends to be better value and far better value once you go above €1.5m

Secondly the market above €1m is still pretty slow, the lending rules limit the participants, so the target market for large houses in an estate are relatively small, as the really wealthy will want a private site,

finally its pretty far from the dart!


I thought at the time it was high, and as you say the 1m+ market is slow. I think it’s a bit like Georgian Village - expensive, good neighbours etc but the really wealthy want something more special/private

it’s certainly a good spin from the Dart.

I used to go out of my way to cycle up the hill (for fitness) the novelty would wear off if one weren’t properly equipped