New builds - Herberton, Dublin 8- 1 Beds - (-135k, -45%)

These were from 300k


Now from 245k

This is the scheme the girls bought into in RTE Househunters


I’m disappointed by the only picture being concept art :confused:

They’re advertising these on the radio fairly heavily at the moment (either RTE radio 1, or Newstalk, can’t remember).

Pretty damn cheap actually. Only c.5 times an average Dublin salary. I mean, in the grand scheme of insanity, an apartment in the city within the reach of a single salary is certainly a sign of change.

One worry of course is build quality. What this place will look like in 20 years God only knows. Thanks Bertie, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

Another serious worry would be the location!

Its “cheap” because its beside the well known Fatima Mansions.

I can see prices in Herberton going even lower later this year and into next year. Many of the units are still under construction.

Weren’t Fatima Mansions knocked and rebuilt as part of Herberton?

Yes, that’s right.

It’s a very unpleasant area, and will remain so for years (A generation).

They’ll haemhorrage value as things unwind.

Now also to be used as student accommodation apparently

One beds now from 165k (see blurb)

also 2 beds were from 330k in Apr 2007 … =firefox-a

The above link says they’re now from 230k

2-beds now from 222k

Have the 1 beds gone up in price from 165k?

According to this guy, retailers have pulled out of all the commercial units in Herberton: … 2055607647

The site ( still witters on about “the village in the city …] Take all the best that a self-contained village has to offer – where you work, without the commute, a range of shops, bars and restaurants on your doorstep and leisure amenities that don’t require a workout to get to.”


One beds now from 154k

Two beds from 199k

One beds from 105k

Two beds from 149,950

Three bed apartments from 210k

Three bed terraced house from 199,950

Is that glorified decorative pond supposed to be the swimming pool? What a joke !

No, the swimming pool is indoor attached to the gym, and in the basement of one of the blocks.

the gym is a pretty good one, and access to the Luas is quite handy.
It is right off St Anthonys road though, which is particularly rough.

I decided to take a walk down as far as these on Sunday, I’ve been looking at them for a while now and thought they looked pretty damned good

That was until I seen the general area, I was quite shocked at how unsafe I felt on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The area in my opinion is a kip. There was rubbish flying everywhere in part due to the wind and that a lot of the houses and apartments seem to just leave their black bags strewn any old way outside.

Some of the houses have not even been finished I seen a plank holding the door of one unfinished house closed. The gardens and land are totally over grown with weeds the play area looked like a death trap.

I actually felt like I had entered a horror scene from some film as the ‘locals’ took to staring at me as I walked down the street. There were groups of kids everywhere and teenagers hanging around outside houses and no not the cute kind the kind you don’t look in the eye.

There is zero atmosphere unless you like that dark kind of feeling, the place is too built up if you ask me a concrete paradise with sinister untertones.

The houses no doubt are cute but the surrounding area, rubbish and curious locals would put me right off sitting in that dining area observing the not so nice view and afraid to go to the shop.

V disappointed as the houses looked so cute but if someone was to give me one I’d say no way!

I know a chap who was an engineer on these - for P Elliots. He actually put a deposit down and then changed his mind - before final contracts I presume. He was saying at the time that “all the directors” [in P Elliots] were buying them as investments. This must have been late 2006. He really didn’t want to live there - working there he came across plenty scumbags off their tits early in the day not to mention needles on the ground - and I think this is what saved him

Yeah 5 mins in the place and I wanted out. I know The Coombe area well so I can safely say I never got the same vibe around Francis street, meath street, thomas street area as I did around herberton, such a waste to build lovely little houses in a cess pit.