New builds - Mellowes Quay, Ushers Quay, Dublin 8

From Nov 2006 … 66941.html

Now one beds from 230k

and 2 beds from 267k

also more 2 beds from 348k

Some severe fluctuation there… or maybe I got mixed up when logging the asking prices.

it could be a bit of soul search on the EA/Vendors part with regard to the “true worth”


The prices at the Arena development in Tallaght have also fluctuated today in between the Property Vultures report this morning and my visit to the listings on DAFT - see viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5848

Now one beds from 230k → Now from 240k → 239.5k → 229k

and 2 beds from 267k → Now from 280k → 277k → now 269k

So 1 beds -89k or 28%, 2 beds -121k or 31%.

Here’s one that isn’t being sold by the developer:

It’s a penthouse on the 5th floor of a sixth story building (here’s a sixth story one), so 359 for a 1 bed (+39k or 12%).

And another:

This one isn’t a penthouse, so it’s only gone up 35k or 11%.