New builds - Mimosa, The Gallops, Sandyford

One beds were from 370k, recently were from 315k


Now from 225k (-145k, -40%)

Two beds were from 490k (same link as above), recently were from 398k

Now from 275k (-215k, -44%)

Not sure what the three beds started out at, but recently they were from 525k … y30242.asp

Now from 350k (-175k, -33%)

This is seriously significant. South Co. Dublin apartments for Adamstown prices.

Affordable housing prices

1 Bed Apartment (1 Bedroom Apartment) From €160,000
1 Bed Duplex (1 Bedroom Duplex) From €188,000
2 Bed Duplex (2 Bedroom Duplex) From €224,000
3 Bed Duplex (3 Bedroom Duplex) From €280,000

I called DLRCC about these apartments, previously there was a lottery and waiting list
but now all you have to do is apply and be a FTB with mortgage approval.
The woman I spoke to told me a large proportion of applicants on the existing list could
not get a mortgage that’s why they dropped the price and relaxed the rules.(unofficially of course)
Application to move in about 2-3 months now.

E.B.S will give a 100% mortgage over 35 years at about 3% variable if it’s for A.H.
If you want to feel like a big-shot you can always put down a deposit of 8%(15,680)
to get a 2.7% variable. That’s €565.00 per month after tax relief.
€565 what a rip-off, fair value be €431 in 18 months when it costs 150,000 :smiley:

2 Bedroom Apartment, Time Place, Sandyford, Dublin 18.
From €196,000, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Apartment For Sale
This is an affordable home provided by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

20/06/2009 9:30AM 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Apartment For Sale From €196,000 Price changed
28/9/2009 10:42PM 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Apartment For Sale From €211,841 Initial Price

How long do those variable rates apply for ?
Assuming no rise in ECB rates, is it the whole 35 years, or are they simply 1 year teaser traps ?

Yes it’s variable for the whole 35 years not a teaser.

I should warn anyone under the illusion that this is approaching a good deal that the management fees on the 3 beds are €2,626 annually.


Double :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Just in case anyone is not familiar with management fees in an apartment complex 8- this is average for a 3 bed in Sandyford, 2 beds run about €140 to 180 per month and this drops as more residents move in, there’s also a tax credit for the bin Charges percentage of the fee. The example I gave above is for a 2 bed and is just to show where we are at this moment in time for the F.T.B. in your middle of the road south Dublin neighbourhood.
565 mortgage
180 management fees
35 mortgage insurance

Is this approaching a good deal for a F.T.B. couple,
(Fair Value, Good Deal, Complete Rip-off) I will leave it for you to decide.
Rents in this building are €1300pm right now
I personally believe they will fall 25%+ over the next few years.

2-beds now 230k … -18/198257

3-beds now 325k … -18/189743

Location Location Location. Mimosa is on the fringe of the city - if you are young and want to live in an apartment then close to the city and enjoy live.

As for Sandyford - I’ve heard of several people moving out because it’s just soleless and a depressing place to live.

But… it’s got a nice bridge over a putrid pond…

It was this kind of overwhelmingly simple point that was glossed over time and again during the bubble. At that time we would have heard about Sandyford that it had easy access to the M50, was near lots of employers and new hotels, that it had the Luas and was an area that would hold investment value and all this stuff. I remember I’d always think about this kind of rationalisation…so what?? It’s still just a soulless, horrible industrial estate on top of a windy hill in the arsehole of nowhere. Your anecdote suggests that if you give people enough time living up there and they’ll come to the same conclusion. Quelle surprise!

Here’s a 4 Bed in Levmoss, The Gallops for 325k … -18/198255

I worked up there for a while and it was a depressing place! Even a walk at lunchtime did not hold much allure :frowning:

Meanwhile the developer is still trying to sell new-build houses for 450K … -18/226380. Now why would you pay that when you could get one secondhand for 319K?
Must be some game to keep the asset valuation looking high for the bank? Clearly no hope of achieving that price…

1 beds now from 140K … -18/218091