New Builds - Olcovar, Shankill Village (-58%)

3 bed duplexes started at 575,000
3 bed townhouses started at 725,000 … cd=3&gl=ie


3 bed duplexes start 560,000, -15k
3 bed townhouses start 695,000, -30k

3 bed townhouses now start at 625k

These are the type of developments that will continue to go down in price. They are ugly, badly designed and everybody is crammed in on top of each other. The 3 beds are not worth 300,000 never mind 625,000.


Look at the lovely view you get from this “stunning new development” from the kitchen: … aid=633168

Sign me up!

These ‘apparent’ drops in prices are the oldest trick in the book folks!

They sure are, Pill! Glad to see you’re taking my advice to heart.

Now you can get a 575,000 3-bed duplex for 560,000 !

Seriously crashandburn, you must see that they are real falls. I have a client who is engaged in something similar re a new scheme, can’t sell so keeps reducing prices and is haemorrhaging € 3K a week on bank interest!

They certainly could be, but I’m just making people aware that it could be a marketing ploy; start the price unrealisticlly high in the first place, and keepmaking a song and dance about how they have to keep “lowering” the price. :slight_smile:

It’s a possibility but in this case there’s no mention in the blurb that prices have been lowered. On some second hand sales we have seen statements like “Price Reduced” or “Reduced for Quick Sale”. If they’re going to go down the route you’re thinking of c&b then I’m pretty sure they’d mention it in the ad.

And the reason it isn’t mentioned is that they will, in all likelihood, have to reduce again.

Thanks for your lovely comment Dexter.
I happen to own one of these ugly, badly designed 3 beds.
Still living at home by the way? :laughing:

crashandburn - your name says it all.

:open_mouth: What are you laughing at?
You just admitted paying way too much for an asset and Dexter may have avoided your mistake and you are laughing at Dexter.
Maybe you need a reality check?

Best of luck with the apartment.

I didn’t admit how much I paid btw.
Maybe he should have followed the forum rules and not insulted what other people have invested in. Everyone puts time and effort into finding a home so to read insults about it does hurt and from what I read this is taken seriously in the forum rules section.
Perhaps he needs to cut the apron strings and delve into the real world himself instead of laughing at others who have been brave enough to take the plunge.

Yeah, but life’s not fair. Deal with it.

Don’t you get what I’m saying? Read the forum rules.
Are you saying that’s it’s ok to post insults about the biggest and most emotional purchase in a person’s lifetime?

Why did you buy it if you didn’t think it was worth it?

Most people on this forum:w
, including myself, have sympathy for your situation but since you decided to get into a bit of slagging I decided to point out the irony.

I’m pretty sure you can say what you want about the quality and looks of a development. You are not allowed insult people or attack them personally, either on this board or anywhere else. (Unless they are a chief economist of a bank who keeps trying to scare people into buying houses)

A development is just a lump of rocks, plaster board and wood, I don’t think they can be offended by insults. Hence we comment on the development, not the people who bought there.

Ok, enough comment here.

We do try to keep the insults to a minimum. But this is a whole development we’re talking about here so try not to take it too personally.

And anyway Sweetcan2000, your “Still living at home by the way?” comment wasn’t called for.

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